Matsuzaka Beef Is The Must-Eat In Mie Prefecture!

This blog is about my experience of eating Matsuzaka Beef at Beef Club Noel in Matuzaka City, Mie Prefecture.

I decided visiting Ise Jingu, Japan’s most important shrine, with my family, but before that, we went to enjoy Matsuzaka Beef! It is very famous and popular beef brand.

Matsuzaka Beef is well know as one of Japanese luxury Wagyu Beef brands. You may have heard of Kobe Beef, but Matsuzaka Beef is still more popular in Japan.

Luxury Matsuzaka Beef At Low Cost Here At Beef Club Noel

We chose this restaurant called Beef Club Noel!

The restaurant has a car park, and also the locaton is only 5 minutes away from Matsuzaka Station. Beef Club Noel is a butcher-direct restaurant that you can eat luxury Matsuzaka Beef at low cost! You see many good reputations on the internet.

I’ve read those and that makes me oh-so excited~~~!!

Here’s menu cards.

I found lunch menus available in weekdays (well, they offer other lunch menus in weekends).

I chose Matsuzaka Bento (3,500 yen), my wife chose Master’s Choice of Steak Lunch (3,500 yen), and Kids Steak (2,500 yen) for our two kids to share.

It looked like kids steak was too big for the little ones, so I led them share the plate and share mine and wife’s if they wanted.

In addition, we ordered roast beef (850 yen).
It became 10,350 yen in total. Whew…but it is still cheaper than the other restaurants for Matsuzaka Beef!

Enjoy Matsuzaka Beef, Here We Come!

Oh was I shaking…? Sorry for the slurring picture…
First thing we had was roast beef! is well blended of fat and meat…
Oh so tasty!!

My wonderful wife shared her food! Her order Master’s choice of steak lunch came with soup, salad, and rice.

This soup was like clam chowder. Delicious!

Salad was...salad. Sure we need balanced diet, right?

Here is a steak (see a picture below)!! Do you think it is a small piece? No no no, not at all. It may be more than enough if you are not a big eater. We enjoyed juicy Matsuzaka Beef to the fullest!

A picture below is kids steak.
It had less fat in the meat. I see the restaurant cares thier little customers.
Kids sometimes get an upset stomach when they eat something too greasy, you know?

Finally my food came to the table!! Look at the picture below, here is Matsuzaka Beef Bento (3,500 yen)!

It is Matsuzaka Beef Shigure-ni (it is beef stew seasoned with soy sauce, ginger, sugar, etc), grilled Matsuzaka Beef, salad, pickled vegitables, and Miso soup. My heart was pounding when it came to me…!

Shigure-ni was great with steamed white rice!

My favourite was the grilled beef, though! I was amazed how juicy it was!!

The fat in the meat was sweet and it was very tender… That’s what I call Matsuzaka Beef!!

My lunch ended with having a cup of coffee.

My stomach was too happy for the quality of coffee made calm it down.

Beef Club Noel does not have many tables, so I recommend you to get a reservation before going there to secure your table. The restaurant offers great quality Matsuzaka Beef at lower cost than other restaurants! Now I am officially a big fan of Matsuzaka Beef!! Gochisou Samadeshita (thank you for the meal)!

And we stopped by the butcher shop that manages the restaurant after lunch. If you are interested, please refer here "Enjoy Matsuzaka Beef at a good price! Juicy deep-fried Matsuzaka minced beef cutlets".

Ise Jingu visit is going to be tomorrow!

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Written by 若おっさん(Waka Ossan)

I'm living in Osaka and be willing to introduce a lot gourmet information of various places in Kansai area(Osaka, Kyoto, Wakayama, Shiga...), especially attractive for middle-aged man!