Limited To 100 A Day! Hyakushokuya Sukiyaki Senka-Delicious Wagyu Beef For Lunch

This is article about a great restaurant "Hyakushokuya Sukiyaki Senka" that you can have reasonable Wagyu lunch.

Kyoto has unique food culture such as Maccha, Tofu, etc...but it also has many restaurants where you can find good quality meat.

Today, I will introduce a restaurant that offers wonderful Wagyu beef at reasonable cost. The Wagyu beef that the restaurant offers is too good to share, but I would like you to taste it while you are in Kyoto!

Let Me Tell You About The Restaurant: Hyakushokuya Sukiyaki Senka

The address is as follows: Sendo-cho Kudaru Shijo Nishikiyamachi-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City.

This restaurant is as a sister restaurant of Kokusangyu Steak-don Senmonten Hyakushokuya (Wagyu beef steak specialty). I visited on 9 October 2015.

As its name suggests (“Hyakushoku” means 100 meals in Japanese), they close as soon as 100 meals are sold at the day. Once it reaches to 100 on lunch time (11:00-14:30), they close the rest of the day including dinner I recommend you going to the restaurant for lunch.

There is a waiting list available at the entrance, so write your name on the list.

As I mentioned above, their lunch time starts at 11am. I visited around 10:30 and some people wrote their names on the list already. I saw a line at 11am... I can tell the restaurant is popular!

This is a hallway to the restaurant.

This tiny path is the way to wonderful Wagyu beef!

This is courtyard.

Seats at the bar...there are 2nd floor available as well.

Here’s the menu card.

Sukiyaki Teishoku and Miso-nabe Teishoku are 1,000 yen each and Saikoro (diced) Steak Teishoku is 1,200 yen. Note- Teishoku means a set meal in Japanese.

Sukiyaki is beef hot pot that contains sliced beef, various vegetables, etc cooked in a cast iron pot with sweet and salty seasonings and dip into raw eggs. Miso-nabe is simmered beef in Miso (soy bean paste) in a pot.

Have some tea and get ready for Wagyu beef...

The Best Diced Steak...EVER!

As the name of this restaurant suggests, their signature meal is Sukiyaki Teishoku...but I couldn’t go against my appetite...I ordered Kokusangyu Saikoro Steak Teishoku (Wagyu diced beef steak set-1,200 yen excl. tax).

TA-DA! The set contains diced Wagyu beef, a bowl of rice and Miso soup, and Namasu (pickled thin sliced carrot and radish).

Mmm...look at the volume!

Two kinds of sauce to dip the is the regular steak sauce and the other is called Ponzu (made primarily of soy sauce and citrus juice).

The pot also has some chopped cabbage and onion.

The Wagyu comes as rare, so you can choose to eat as it is or cook for midium, well-done, or so at your seat.


Super tender meat seals delicious flavour and juice in it...

Steak sauce...good! Ponzu...wonderful! Both sauce help to maximize meat’s gorgeous flavour! Rice goes great with meat and veggies...I couldn’t stop saying “OISHII (delicious in Japanese)!!

It was heavenly good!!

My tummy was happily stuffed...there was a long line when I left the restaurant.

I can’t believe this is ONLY 1,200 yen for this marvelous Wagyu beef…

Oh, and the restaurant is 5 minutes away from Hankyu Saiin Station.

I am pretty sure that the restaurant gets more and more popular soon (which means you may not be able to even write your name on the waiting list)...

If you worry about eating Wagyu beef because of its price in general, Hyakushokuya Sukiyaki Senka is one of the best restaurants!

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