Enjoy Matsuzaka Beef at a good price! Juicy deep-fried Matsuzaka minced beef cutlets

I have enjoyed a deep-fried Matsuzaka minced beef cutlet and beef Shigureni at reasonable prices from Marukou butcher shop, which is a wholesaler of the wagyu top brand, Matsuzaka beef.

Matsuzaka beef is the most leading luxurious wagyu not only in Mie Prefecture but also in Japan.

However, it is not common to know that Matsuzaka beef is from the area called Matsusaka, which is close to the shrine considered as the most sacred, Ise Grand Shrine.

We were lucky to taste such Matsuzaka beef at a good price at a restaurant called ‘Beef Club Noel’, but this is not the end of the story. (Please read more on Matsuzaka beef lunch here⇒Matsuzaka Beef Is The Must-Eat In Mie Prefecture!

We asked if the restaurant does take-out ‘Shigure ni’, then we found out that we could actually purchase ‘Shigure ni’ at a butcher shop across the road. In fact, the restaurant ‘Beef Club Noel’ was directly owned by this butcher shop. (No wonder it was delicious!)

*Shigure ni is generally seafood or meat cooked in soy sauce, sugar and ginger.

Luxurious minced Matsuzaka beef cutlets!

…So, we also visited the owner of the restaurant, ‘Marukou butcher shop’.

At a glance, it looked like a normal butcher shop, but it makes it authentic when you know that they have Matsuzaka beef inside.

Once I stepped inside, as I had expected, I saw eye-popping price tags…(A beef fillet steak ¥1944 per 100g…!)

There are not so affordable for us, so let’s buy something else!

Butcher shops normally have good reputation for freshly deep-fried food, don’t they?

They told me that it’ s going to be ready soon, so I ordered a ‘minced Matsuzaka beef cutlet’ even though I was full.

A minced cutlet is a deep-fried minced pork or beef, which is mixed with some chopped onion, salt and pepper. They use Matsuzaka beef for this cutlet! So luxurious!

¥215 for one. I ordered 2.

I’ll eat it outside straightaway.

Freshly deep-fried and piping hot!

I get excited with heavy food like this.

Look how unbelievably juicy this is!

This is the most delicious minced cutlet I’ve ever eaten…

So tasty…I cannot describe how rich this is…

I nearly forgot why I came to the butcher shop in the first place. I had this urge of buying many cutlets home instead, but I managed to calm myself down and finally bought the one I was originally after, ‘Matsuzaka beef Shigure ni’ (¥1285).

Shigure ni for souvenir! Let’s eat rice with this Matsuzaka beef Shigure ni!

Ok, I had enjoyed Matsuzaka beef lunch and a minced cutlet, and I bought Matsuzaka beef Shigure ni which I fell in love with at Beef Club Noel.

I’m sorry about the blurred image.

This Shigure ni is so perfect for souvenir.

It stays fresh and is at an affordable price of ¥1285 for a Matsuzaka beef product.

It looks like this when you open it.

It has a nice gingery smell.This is so tempting to eat more than enough and it’s a perfect combination…

No time waisted, I put it on the rice.Rice is melting the fat in the beef.

It’s superb when you eat it mixed with rice and enjoy the combination of salty sweet flavor and the sweetness in the rich fat.

This is blissful harmony of the rice and Shigure ni.

It was so delicious and great being able to enjoy the taste of the restaurant at home.

When you visit Matsusaka in Mie Prefecture, please buy some Shigure ni for your souvenir!

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Written by 若おっさん(Waka Ossan)

I'm living in Osaka and be willing to introduce a lot gourmet information of various places in Kansai area(Osaka, Kyoto, Wakayama, Shiga...), especially attractive for middle-aged man!