The “Yakiniku Tokkyu” Uses an Express Conveyor To Deliver the Meat to You like Sushi-Go-Round!

Today we introduce a Yakiniku restaurant in Nagayoshi Nagahara, Osaka. They deliver your meat on a moving belt just like conveyer-belt sushi!

This is Waka Ossan. We’re a family enjoying a relaxing life in Osaka. Today we decided to have a family meal at a Yakiniku restaurant. Our destination was “Yakiniku Tokkyu Nagayoshi Nagahara Ten”, located in Nagayoshi Nagahara, Hirano Ward in Osaka.

This Yakiniku restaurant is built where a Kappa Sushi once existed. Kappa Sushi is a very famous conveyer-belt sushi chain restaurant, and is popular all over Japan. The nearest station is Subway Nagahara Station, and the restaurant is a 5 minute walk from the station. If you’re driving, don’t worry. They have a big parking lot.

Although the building is still the same as the conveyer-belt sushi restaurant, you get Yakiniku instead…. It is such an interesting place!

The restaurant’s interior is very clean since it just opened in April.

It was great for us as a family that they placed the seats with plenty of room in between.

There is an express belt between the seats. This is where the meat speeds to your table.

You use a tablet to place your order. Although it seems like a detached way to order food, it represents the management’s effort to offer meat at low cost. And I think it’s easier for non-Japanese customers to order since there are pictures of the food.

The orders you place with the tablet comes speeding to your table on the fast lane.

Kids love watching this happen! It was fun to watch for us adults too.

So, let’s talk about the food we had in order of appearance.

The first thing we had was Gyu Tan (Beef tongue)! There are two kinds of Gyu Tan: one with Salt Green Onion Sauce and one with Grated Daikon. It’s so much food for one person, but for only 630 yen! Cheap!

(This is just my personal opinion, but I wish there was a thicker beef tongue that comes seasoned with salt...)

Let’s start cooking! Immediately!

After we finished cooking the meat, we dipped it in the Salt Green Onion Sauce that came with the dish.

Be careful, the sauce was saltier than we thought it would be.

Although tongue meat has less fat, it tasted delicious with the sauce.

Let’s have some Kimchi while we cook the meat. We ordered a plate with three different types of Kimchi, but the cucumber one was the most delicious. It was 480 yen.

Since it is “Lane Yakiniku,” the menu has a train theme to it. There are set courses like “Shinkansen Set”, “Express Set”, and so on. This time we ordered the “Linear Motor Car Set” (2,980 yen). This is something kids woud love.

Here we have skirt steak with lots of juicy fat. The marbling of the fat was just right, and it was such delicious meat. This order also came with Gyu Tan paired with Grated Daikon. As a result, we kept on eating Gyu Tan. Haha.

Then we ordered the Stone-roasted Bibimbap (630 yen)! Although I felt like the portion was a little small, it smelled and tasted delicious. We used the Gochujang spice (Korean Red Spicy Sauce) that was on the table.

But we still need more meat! We ordered Green Onion Kalbi, which was 600 yen. The Salt Green Onion Sauce was delicious!

And then, let’s get some tripe as well! This place is said to have a great beef tripe.

It was crunchy and had no smell. If you visit “Yakiniku Tokkyu”, you must try this.

It is 780 yen, a bit more expensive than the other dishes.

We also ordered several drinks, salad, sausages, rice and more, and the bill came to 9,547 yen (tax included). It is such a great deal for Yakiniku barbeque, don’t you think?

We highly recommend this place. The atmosphere is nice and kids love the fun presentation. Please visit “Yakiniku Tokkyu” with your family!

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!