Wanna Feel Extra Hot? Let's Enjoy Spicy Food At EXTRA HOT and DELICIOUS!

A food festival called EXTRA HOT and DELICIOUS takes place in Shinjuku every year. This report is about the exciting event! You can enjoy spicy food from all over the world in Shinjuku!

Are you a spicy food fan, or do you know anyone who LOVES spicy? EXTRA HOT and DELICIOUS has given you the opportunity to taste spicy-yet-oh-so-delicious food from all over the world since 2013!

The festival is held in Okubo Park in Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku. The food stands are Chinese, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Ethiopian, and so much more!

It is pure fun to share food with your family and friends and taste how spicy it is! You may even hear someone screaming...yes, the spicy and pungent flavour makes can even make people scream!

The ticketing booth is located at the entrance. Weekdays aren’t bad at all, but it will be very busy during the weekend. We recommend going on weekdays.

Getting ticket(s) is a bit confusing.

There are ticket machines that sells 1,000, 800, and 600 yen tickets, so once you’ve selected and paid for your ticket, bring it to the food stand and order your choice.

It means that you might need to know what you want to taste before you buy tickets...but don’t you worry! There are brochures explaining your options and you can rely upon it as a guide before buying tickets, so check it out!

The brochure kindly has pictures of food they are offering; that helps, right?

I bought two tickets for 1,000 and 600 yen each, and two tickets for drinks. After I was finished, I was full of deliciousness!

Tickets for drinks can be bought near a separate booth which sells drinks, so you can buy them later as well.

Alright then, let’s find seats and get your food!

Food That Stimulates Your Tongue!

The first thing I ordered was Mapo Tofu (bean curd Szechuan style) from Chinka Shisai! Chinka Shisai is a popular Chinese restaurant. You can choose spice levels ranging from normal and hot to extra hot.

Mine was a small sized hot (which only cost me a 600 yen ticket).

Ta-da! Small size was good enough for myself. If you share with more than few friends, you may want to order medium or large.

Wonder how it was? Ohhh it was the best! It wasn’t just spicy, I felt pepper and the rich flavor of meat in my mouth. Even a super luxury restaurant would have a difficult time topping Chinka ShisaiI’s Mapo Tofu! If you like more pungent, stronger flavors in your mouth, “extra hot” is good to try!

Next stop, Vietnamese food from Vietnam Alice!

I ordered Chicken Pho (used a 1,000 yen ticket) with the spice level “extra hot.”

I was expecting a pure and clear colored soup...but oh, oh, oh! I realized it was EXTRA HOT and DELICIOUS! This soup was RED! My tongue was on fire! The word spicy wasn’t enough to explain how pungent it was… Needed to eat gently not because of the noodles in the soup, but becuase it was extra hot!! I had a stomach ache the next day… :’(

I know I told you it was spicy but did I mention how good it was? The Pho had a rich flavor of herbs and chicken...it was definitely an EXTRA HOT and DELICIOUS dish! Getting sweaty and my tongue was pungent, but I emptied a bowl!

My friend got an Ethiopian curry called Doro Wat with extra hot. Doro means chicken and Wat means stew in Amharic (Ethiopian language).

It was…super extra hot!! I really felt as if my mouth was on fire! It was very flavourful, but I couldn’t handle more than one scoop...

Gyoza (fried dumpling) was from Japan. Chopped chilli pepper was mixed into the filling.

Spicy chopped green onion is a good side for gyoza.

The Gyoza wan’t that spicy so it gave my mouth a short break from other pungency… Spiced and smoked oyster Miso stew was good too… Our table became the Izakaya table...haha!

The festival offers a variety of drinks too! Beer, whisky with carbonated water, and a bunch of kinds of sodas for 300-500 yen. They have happy hour from 3-6pm, when all alcoholic beverages are half price!

There is also a booth selling shaved ice too, which may make your hot mouth and body cool down...

Of course all plastic plates and bowls have their place to be...trash bins!

Getting busier in the evening. The day we visited was a rainy one, but there are huge tents protecting you and your food from soaking under the rain.

The Dates And Direction To The Park

EXTRA HOT and DELICIOUS was held from 2-23 September in 2015 at Okubo Park. Its term has been extended due to popular demand year by year. In 2016, it may be longer!

Okubo Park is located about 10 minutes walking distance from the underpass in Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku. Okubo Park has begun to develop a reputation for holding other gourmet events as well.

So….are you interested in accepting the challenge their super spicy food has laid before you!? If you are planning to visit Tokyo during this time of year, EXTRA HOT and DELICIOUS can be a great food experience during your stay!

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!