Very cheap! Business hotel in Fukuoka, “Hotel Ichiraku” reviews

We introduce a business hotel in Fukuoka named Hotel Ichiraku” in this article. The hotel is a little bit old, but it’s cheaper than a lot of other business hotels, so if you’re choosing hotels by its price, we recommend it.

I am going to introduce a business hotel in Fukuoka city again, as my second article about my stays during my Fukuoka trip. In my last article, I talked about the hotel with a great hotspring named Hakata Sunlight Hotel Hino-Ohgi, but this time we stayed at Hotel Ichiraku Minami-Tenjin.

This Hotel Ichiraku is actually very close to the Hakata Sunlight Hotel Hino-Ohgi. It’s in the same area, in Kiyokawa, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi.

Prices for staying at Hotel Ichiraku

We stayed at a Japanese style room (with a size of 10 Jo=about 352×440cm) with a restroom and no bathroom. It was a bed with no meal plan only on weekdays, and we stayed on a Friday night. It was 5,040 yen per adult and 4,536 yen per child.

Infants who can sleep with adults can stay for free, so we only had to pay 14,616 yen for two adults and one elementary school child. Very cheap!

The Sunlight Hotel was 1,080 yen per stay for the parking lot, but you can park at Hotel Ichiraku for only 540 yen. It helps if you’re on a family trip!

Facilities at Hotel Ichiraku

When we checked in, there were already sheets layed out when we got to the room. It’s easier this way than to do it yourself.

The hotel facility was older than the Sunlight Hotel. It does look a bit old, but it was pretty tidy so it wasn’t that bad at all.

This is the view from the room.

We were on the 3rd floor, and next to the hotel was a convenience store.

The view’s normal but it’s better if it’s convenient.

The restroom is plenty of space.

It’s a bit old but clean.

This is the washing room.

It looks old but it was clean too.

The public bath at Hotel Ichiraku

This hotel didn’t have a bathroom in the room, so we used the public bath.

It is open 4pm-2am and 6am-9am.

Hotel Ichiraku is structured with the West, Middle, and East Building.

The public bath is in the East Building.

The room we stayed at was in the Middle Building.

I went to the public bath early in the morning to be with less people.

This is how the public bath was like. There was nothing that special about it. There wasn’t a jet bath, and you couldn’t use the sauna in the morning.

But it’s okay for a business hotel. The washing place was pretty clean too.

Comparing business hotels in Fukuoka

If I were to choose which one was better, Hotel Ichiraku or the other Hakata Sunlight Hotel Hino-Ohgi, it’s a little difficult.

It depends on what you think is important. The price is much cheaper for Hotel Ichiraku.

But the new facility and the hotspring quality in the Sunlight Hotel beats Ichiraku. If you’re staying with your boyfriend/girlfriend or with young friends, I might recommend the Sunlight Hotel more.

But both can be pretty satisfying for people on business trips, couples and families. There are Japanese style rooms, suitable for families in both hotels, so you should consider using them!

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Written by 若おっさん(Waka Ossan)

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