What An Artistic Sushi!! AWOMB Amazes Not Only Your Tongue But Eyes!

A restaurant in Kyoto called AWOMB offers a new style Sushi called Teori Sushi. It is so enjoyable to be in the restaurant!

Hello friends! I’m KOKORO MOYOU who is sharing the latest information in Kyoto.

Today, I will introduce you the Sushi restaurant AWOMB. Their signature menu called Teori Sushi is beautifully prepared and so artistic. This is something you can enjoy not only in your mouth but your eyes!

AWOMB In Kyoto

AWOMB is located in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City. I visited there on 6 August 2015.

Teori Sushi is one of Temaki Sushi kinds, but no other restaurants do the way AWOMB does. Its beauty of Sushi gets everyone’s attention. Wonder how different? See pictures below!

Get In Line

AWOMB opens at 12:00, but people are lined up waiting before that.

I arrived at the restaurant 10 minutes before 11:00, and there was already a line in front of the reestaurant.

The staff came over and asked how many people are in each group. She told me that I was in the second round which means I would be able to get inside after 13:00, and she also said that people in second round need to be at the entrance between 13:00-13:30. So, once you put your name on the list, you can leave the restaurant and come back at the time they indicate (in this case between 13:00-13:30). Yes, it took me couple hours to be seated in the restaurant from the time I arrived at first, but you can walk around (there are shops to see), don’t need to wait whole time in front of the restaurant.

She told me that there are only 12 meals left...I am guessing I couldn’t eat there if I arrived around 11:30...whew! It probably depends on the day you visit, but I recommend you to visit there 11:00 or before to secure your meal.

Inside Of The Restaurant

This picture below is a hallway. The restaurant sells some goods.

There is a pretty little patio, but couldn’t take pictures...sorry!


Here is the menu card.

There are three grades- Nami (standard-1,680 yen), Jou (deluxe-2,340 yen), and Tokujou (superior-2,970 yen). Higher grades have more kinds on plates.

I ordered Teori Sushi “Jou.”

When you eat lunch/dinner, they offer some discount on their desset and soft drinks. Coffee, cold Maccha, home made ginger ale, pudding, gelato, etc...

There is how-to-eat pictures...cute! I’ll show you how in this article later.

Ita-Daki-Masu-Let’s Eat!

A cup of tea came first… A coaster looks like grass.

TA-DA! This is my Teori Sushi “Jou.”

The staff explained about each dish and Sushi topping.

They look soooo adorable...aren’t they?

I am hungry, but I am not sure I should eat these pretty art on the plate...

How To Eat Teori Sushi

First, put Nori (seaweed sheet) on Makisu (sushi mat), vinegared rice, and put topping(s), then roll it up. Mmm...it is looking good, and tastes wonderful!

You can put any toppings and Yakumi (relish/seasoning)...be creative!

There’s noodle in cold soup called Nyu-Men coming together. It tastes good as well.

Each topping is well prepared, so there’s no wrong-combination in here.

Pretty in seaweed! What a wonderful and artistic food experience! Girls, don’t be too busy taking too many pictures! hahaha

Whew...I am stuffed…

I would LOVE to come back again!

Are you interested? It is very Kyoto… I mean, they try making everything beautiful in their culture even their food… Of course its taste was heavenly good.

If you visit Kyoto, enjoy this amazing and artistic Sushi at AWOMB!!

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