Sushi x Yakiniku BBQ!? Enjoy Luxury Wagyu Beef At Ushigoro Kan Ebisu Honten

Have you heard of Niku Zushi? It is a new wave of Sushi in Japan. This is a blog article of a experience of visiting Ushigoro Kan where you can eat Wagyu beef Sushi.

Happy new year!

In Japan, people consecrate things you do first in the year. I, personally, value so much on eating meat for the first time in the year.

I chose going to Ushigoro Kan which is very close from Ebisu Station, Tokyo in this year!

Ushigoro Kan is a restaurant offers Wagyu beef and Sake, Shochu, etc.

Ebisu is a famous shopping area...but it is not only for shopping. Many popular restaurants are in the area! I am excited…!

First thing I ordered was assorted Wagyu beef. It is seasoned with sauce.

You can choose seasoning simply salt or sweet and salty sauce. You often get two different plates for both seasoning so you can taste both.

Here is Niku (meat) Zushi!! Lightly roasted Wagyu beef is on Sushi rice.

Wagyu beef is seasoned with sweet and salty sauce, so you don’t need to dip it in soy sauce and there is a bit of Wasabi on top.

Niku Zushi is limited menu! When I was there around 7:30pm, there was just a few left...I was lucky! When you have dinner here, make sure you order it as soon as possible before it is sold out.

A picture below is called Kainomi (bottom flap).

Let’s grill this thick cut Kainomi...

Put it on rice and pour sauce!! Mmm… It’s melting in my mouth…!!

I also had Wagyu sirloin with citrus sauce, Wagyu heart tartare, top blade, tenderloin, etc… I enjoyed so much not only major parts of Wagyu beef but also rare parts. Every single slice was exellent!! Only problem I had was that I couldn’t take good pictures due to lights in the restaurant.

I enjoyed so much and had Ushigoro Kan Curry at the end.

Ushigoro Kan has 2 hour limit per group, so we needed to leave...

...I wanted to have some more drinks!

So, we went to a bar and enjoyed champagne….

Aaaand had Yuzu citrus and salt Ramen at a Ramen restaurant AFURI.

Whew...My stomach was full...oh so stuffed...

Why could I enjoy quality Wagyu beef that much? Because I made a video for my friend’s wedding party. He treated me with such exellent food in return… Good friends are what you need in life, right? Thanks a lot, pal!

Thank you for reading! I renewed my resolve to enjoy meat this year (as usual)!!

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Written by Tomoko"Nick"

In 1980, I was born and raised in Tokyo. I work as a web marketer, a blogger(established in 2004) and a career counselor. I'm looking for the best meat dishes and restaurants in Tokyo at all times! That's why my friends call me "Nick" that sounds same as "meat " in Japanese.