Harajuku, Omotesando, and Ikebukuro! 3 cafes in the city with great coffee and free wi-fi

This is an article about 3 great cafes in the city that we recommend in Harajuku, Omotesando and Ikebukuro, with good coffee.

For those of you coffee lovers who can't wake up with green tea...I, who also love coffee will introduce cafes that I recommend in Tokyo.

I don't know why but I recently have many foreign friends that say, "You guys drink coffee too?" but yes, we do! lol

Coffee is the most popular drink among business people just like in other countries.

There are cafes that specializes in drip coffee, popular and stylish cafes from NY, etc.

The cafes that I recommend in this article are all based on the taste of coffee they serve, but they all have free wifi, so please refer to this when you are in need of the internet.

Niko and...Coffee in Harajuku

The first cafe I want to introduce is a cafe near Harajuku station, with Takeshita street, Meiji Shrine and Omotesando surrounding it.

The inside doesn't look like we're in Japan! They have high ceilings, and has an east coast atmosphere. I fell in love with this place at first sight. They have big tables, sunlight from the wide windows, comfortable sofas and bits of green. The counter seats have outlets and of course wifi!

On the wall in the back of the cafe, they have a bookshelf, so you can read books while drinking coffee. So awesome. I want this stylish leather sofa back at home...

You can choose the coffee beans, and also from drip or aeropress for their specialty coffee. The staff there will nicely give you information. They also sell muffins and pound cake.

Coffee and the atmosphere was great, that I stayed for more than three hours! So comfortable. This is my favorite cafe in Harajuku.

Cafe Kitsune in Omotesando

This is a cafe in Omotesando, near Harajuku too. There are many famous cafes that have the highest rates on Yelp in Omotesando.

And Cafe Kitsune is a very unique cafe among them.

Kitsune means fox in Japanese. There were fox ghost goods, that are seen at places like Inari Shrine in Kyoto, everywhere around the cafe.

The confectionary are foxes too!

This place has a very Japanese-like atmosphere, inspired by Japanese tearooms where you drink maccha. The coffee there is more like "wabisabi" (term that refers to a certain Japanese state of mind; quiet and simple living) coffee. They also have drip coffee, but they mostly use an espresso machine called Slayer, so their main drinks are espressos.

Their coffee is very mellow and rich in taste. The cappuccino with fresh milk was easy to drink too.

I think this place might be fun for foreign tourists!

Coffee Valley in Ikebukuro

I always though that Ikebukuro had few cafes and had more of ramen and curry places, but this specialty coffee place recently opened!

The new building stands out in the streets of Ikebukuro, so it's easy to find.

I found an interesting menu! 3PEAKS (600 yen) comes with three types of coffee that is made with the same beans but made differently: drip, macchiato and espresso. It was an easy choice for me since I'm always curious. The beans were blended. It was a bit sour, and the drip coffee was easy to drink, but the espresso and macchiato had a very strong taste and smell.

I also recommend the toast set with an additional 300 yen. It comes with boiled eggs, honey and butter.

Their toast is extremely thick and fluffy. The whole wheat bread is very fragrant. You might think it's just toast, but they actually use bread from the famous Parlor Ekoda bakery. You need to make a reservation months before you can eat them, but here you can eat their bread for just 300 yen. Too reasonable...

They seemed to have outlets in every seat. The first floor have mostly counter seats, and on the second floor they have table seats and sofas. I came here on a Subday afternoon and it was mostly full with people.

I bet it's popular with just their coffee and bread, but they also have outlets and wifi...I am even a little worried for them having this much quality...! Ikebukuro is a very crowded place so I recommend you to take a break here.

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Written by Rika Nakazawa

Born and currently living in Tokyo. I work as a marketer in an foreign information technology company. I love good coffee and bread. Ask me anything about cafes with outlets and wifi.