‘Kyo irimamepon’ in a matcha flavor from Kyoto Ritsuami confectionery shop

I’m writing about ‘Ritsuami, a traditonal Kyoto confectionery shop. This time, I tried roasted black beans called Kyo irimamepon.

Hi there. This is KOKORO MOYOU, a regular reporter delivering Kyoto information.

Today, I’m writing about Japanese wagashi confectionery using matcha green tea.

The confectionery shop today is called ‘Ritsuami Shijo Gion branch’. I went there and took some pictures on February 5th, 2015.

Introducing Ritsuami Shijo Gion branch

Ritsuami is a traditional confectionery shop in Kyoto that specializes in chestnut confectionery. The name Ritsuami has the Kanji character for chestnuts ‘栗’.

There are three other branches other than this Shijo Gion branch within Kyoto City.

This is the inside of the shop. I got a permission to photograph for this visit.

They have various kinds of confectionery using beans, not just with chestnuts.

I saw black beans, green peas and others coated in sugar.

This time, I decided to purchase Kyo irimamepon in a matcha flavor as a souvenir.

It seems like slow roasted black beans. You can choose them in different flavors other than matcha, such as Kinako roasted soybean powder or coated in sugar.

Tasting of Kyo irimamepon!

Here is Kyo irimamepon that I brought home. I would like to taste it now. The beans are inside this cute box.

The explanation on the side says, “We slow roasted black beans while preserving the natural flavor of the beans. Enjoy the matcha aroma from Kyoto and the crispy texture.” It doesn't expire until two months after the purchase, so it seems to be a good purchase as a souvenir.

The ingredients are simply black beans, sugar, matcha and starch only.

The crispy texture of roasted black beans is good.

The aroma of matcha is actually stronger than I expected.

This is perfect to be accompanied with green tea. The price is reasonable and it wouldn’t be too hard for people who don’t like sweet confectionary. Why don’t you consider this as your next souvenir purchase?

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