If you’re eating Nagasaki specialty noodles ‘champon’, go for ‘Ide Champon’

I’m introducing Kyushu specialty noodles, ‘champon’. We went to ‘Ide Champon’, a chain noodle restaurant loved by the locals. Must-eat food on your Kyushu trip!

We are on our family trip around Kyushu. Our first stop is Saga Prefecture. Today’s lunch is at ‘Ide Champon’, a champon noodle chain, which I believe it’s the best restaurant in Kyushu.

What is champon?

So, what is champon? It is another Japanese noodle dish similar to ramen.

The soup is milky and rich made from pork or chicken bone broth. You normally see a good amount of stir-fried pork, seafood and vegetables on top of the noodles, so it might be more nutritious than ramen (LOL).

As everyone knows, champon is now a signature food of Kyushu including its origin of Nagasaki. If you are visiting Kyushu on holiday, this is a must-eat food.

The famous chain restaurant, ‘Ide Champon’

I have mentioned that champon is the specialty food of Nagasaki Prefecture, but you can also find a champon restaurant in Saga where the locals love. It’s called ‘Ide Champon’ and it has been on a popular TV show before.

I think we arrived there at about 1pm but it was still crowded! Very popular!

We were lucky to get the last spot in the car park.

We had to wait just for a short time.

The menu was simple and easy. The most basic champon was ¥700.

We ordered a special champon (¥880), a regular champon (¥700) and a small champon (¥650). Kids went halves of the regular size.

I also added white rice to my noodles(¥100). Champon here is so perfect with white rice.

You can get a reasonable lunch set with white rice or gyoza dumplings during the week.

Here come the regular and small champon noodles.
Look at the size! A mountain of vegetables! So nutritious!

It’s like delicious stir-fried vegetables on top of rich pork soup.
It’s aromatic!

Champon and the rice is the perfect match.

The bowl at the back in the picture is the small size champon.

This is the special champon. It has unbelievable amount of kikurage mushrooms (wood ear mushrooms) on top of the regular champon as well as a raw egg sitting at the very top.

I’d recommend mixing the egg in halfway through. It’s unbelievably super delicious.

The noodles are filling, too.

They are so tasty, unlike ramen, champon noodles have a slightly soft but sticky texture.

You will experience a perfect balance of the richness in the soup, noodle texture and crunchy vegetables.

Ahh, I want to eat it again…

Thank you, the best champon ever.

It’s a chain noodle shop, so you can eat their noodles outside of Saga, such as in Fukuoka and Nagasaki. So, make sure you go look for it.

Please don’t miss it if you’re going to Kyushu!

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Written by 若おっさん(Waka Ossan)

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