Go Get Limited Edition Flavour At KitKat Chocolatory In Kyoto

KitKat Chocolatory is in Daimaru Department Store in Kyoto City. Their Kyoto Assorted KitKat is exclusive in this chocolatory! Let’s see how it looks like...

Hi friends! I’m KOKORO MOYOU who lives in Kyoto.

I’ve written mostly about tourism in Kyoto, but today, I will write about sweets.

I will introduce you KitKat Chocolatory in Daimaru Department Kyoto, which has high quality and special KitKat. I visited there on 19 February.

Inside Of The Chocolatory

Classy interior inside, and has so many flavours of KitKat.

They have used KitKat as chandelier!

Their KitKat Can Be Wonderful Souvenir

TA-DA! This is what I got today.

It is called KitKat Chocolatory Special Kyoto Assorted. It is 1,458 yen including tax. The box contains 12 KitKats.

What I got is on the poster below (the bottom). Strawberry & maple, plum, Maccha & Kinako (roasted soy flour), and ginger flavours.

The package design is inspired by traditional Kyoto...do you see it?

The red stamp says “limited edition in Kyoto.”

This is how it looks like.

It has nutrition facts in the back.

Hmm, it looks like each KitKat has about 63-64 kcal…

In Japan, most candies have their calories on the wrappers/boxes...but does it stop you from eating? Not really...right? hahaha

See How Each KitKat Looks Like...

The first I tried plum (Ume in Japanese).

The next, strawberry & maple.

The third...ginger flavour.

The last one is Maccha & Kinako.

All four flavours were wonderfully good!

Believe it or not, KitKat is VERY popular sweets as souvenir to tourists from overseas. This Kyoto assorted KitKat is of typical Kyoto feature which can be marvelous gift to your loved ones! Make them amazed not only by its deliciousness but the pretty wrapping as well!

If you are looking for some souveninr from Kyoto, the chocolatory is one of good places to see!

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