Beautifully Orange In Winter! Let's Take A Walk Along Kamogawa River In Kyoto

Walking along Kamogawa River in December is fantasistic! Spiraea thunbergii, sometimes is called thunberg’s meadowsweet, changed its colour to orange which is along all over the river. You will enjoy the scenery for sure!

Hi friends! I’m KOKORO MOYOU who lives in Kyoto and shares information in Kyoto.

Today, I will show you how Kamogawa River in winter in this article. I visited there on 19 December 2012.

December is concidered as winter in general, but Kyoto is located in warmer west in Japan, which means there are some locations still having coloured leaves.

Around Kamogawa River, you can see Spiraea thumbergii in orange.

The View From Gojo Ohashi Bridge

This is a view from Gojo Ohashi Bridge towards north. You see Shijo area in far.

This is Spiraea thundergii leaves at Gojo Ohashi bridge.

The plant gets white flowers in spring, but in winter, it becomes beautiful orange like this.

Sure, red coloured maple leaves are pretty, but this orange is another beauty of nature, right?

Beep beep! Black-headed gulls on their way!

From Gojo Ohashi, Bridge, I was walking to this is around Shijo area.

The View From Donguribashi Bridge

This is a view from Donguribashi Bridge towards Gojo area.

There are many maps of Kamogawa River and bridges crossing the river. It looks like a train route map or something...

Spiraea Thunbergii In Nijo Area

Bright orange decorated the river...fancy, isn’t it?

An another group of gulls...and white egrets were resting in the river. I’m sure they enjoy the view just like us!

The View From Marutamachi-bashi Bridge

the picture below was taken from marutamachi-bashi Bridge towards south, seeing Nijo area in far. Magnificent!

You can walk on the rocks. I see people taking pictures from there.

Around Demachi-bashi bridge

Did you like it? Many of you may think spring is the best to visit Kyoto becuase of fully bloomed cherry blossoms or autumn for coloured leaves...but winter in Kyoto has another beauty of nature. <!--I’ve written another articles of Kamogawa River area in other seasons, so please refer below if you are interested! -->

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