Report on “Spadio” the Sauna & Capsule Hotel in Namba Osaka: Part 1

This is the part 1 of our report on “Spadio,” the capsule hotel in Sakuragawa near Namba, Osaka. We’ll talk about the room and the spa facilities in detail here.

This is the part 1 of our report on “Spadio,” the capsule hotel in Sakuragawa near Namba, Osaka. We’ll talk about the room and the spa facilities in detail here.

Tokyo Capsule Hotel 2 #1 / poplinre

I stayed at a capsule hotel during Golden Week (a long Japanese holiday week in early May). It was such a great experience that I would like to introduce the hotel here.

For this stay, I chose the sauna & capsule hotel called “Spadio,” which is located in Sakuragawa, Namba in the city of Osaka.

Although I take lots of business trips, it was my first time staying at a capsule hotel. While I was checking in, was worried about whether I could really sleep in a place like this.

Capsule Hotel “Spadio”: Cost and Location

“Spadio” is located in front of the Sakuragawa Station, which is not far from Namba. It is such a convenient location.

The price is usually 2800 yen per night for males, but because it was during Golden Week, it was a little more expensive: 3000 yen.

It is totally understandable that they raised the price for this season. Actually, during Golden Week, you can expect every single hotel in the city to be fully booked so it is usually impossible to reserve a room during this time, Spadio’s price is extremely reasonable.

I checked in at the front.

You can check in from 3 pm.

Facilities at Capsule Hotel “Spadio”

You will be given clothes to wear inside the hotel and a locker key, so put your personal belongings in the locker. Because there is not much space in the capsule room, put everything you possibly can in here.

This locker is similar to the one you might see at a company office. It is tall and quite wide.

The locker key and clothes must be returned when you check out.

This is the floor guide on the wall of elevator.

By the way, their bath is actually a natural onsen (hotspring).

Of course I can’t show you pictures of the bathroom, but there are many types of baths: “Roten Buro” (outside bath) with a view of Hanshin Highway below, Radon Onsen, Salt Sauna, and “Utaseyu”. I didn’t learn any details about the type of the hot spring, but it was a good one indeed. It was so great that I took a bath in the evening, then went in again in the morning.

Also, amenities like toothbrushes, razors for shaving, and towels are all free. You can relax and come as you are, which is awesome! It is also cheap, so it’s like heaven for us guys.

There was a gaming area that you typically see in this type of hotel.

I felt that this hotel is so great for those who love onsen and have time to play the whole day.

Inside the Capsule at the Capsule Hotel “Spadio”

This is the capsule booth I photographed when I opened the vertical curtain.

If you ask me if it was small, I’d answer “Of course,” since it’s a “capsule” hotel! However, it had more space than I thought it would.

There was an outlet near my head, so no need to worry about charging your phone.

Having an outlet makes a huge difference. My phone battery was full when I woke up.

There is a TV as well, which allows you to watch adult television channels. Haha! (To all the women out there: I am sorry. This is actually great for killing time.)

I took this picture of the entrance as I leaned on the head side of the wall.

The curtain actually closes off the outside world perfectly.

After actually sleeping in one, my opinion about capsule hotel is positive. If you are over 180 cm tall I think it is a bit cramped, but if you sleep diagonally, problem solved. Haha. It wasn’t so uncomfortable when I was sleeping, and I actually didn’t hear much noise either.

If you are a big fan of big beds, maybe a capsule hotel isn’t the best choice. However, it is a great facility for those who just need to sleep, considering how cheap it is.

This is the end of Part 1 of the article. In Part 2, I write about the izakaya inside the hotel.

To Be Continued...

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