Enjoy Good Beer At Museum Of Yebisu Beer!

Yebisu beer is one of the most popular beer brands in Japan. There is a museum of Yebisu Beer in Yebisu, Tokyo. Let’s explore the museum while you are in the area!

The popular shopping mall called Yebisu Garden Place is in Yebisu, Shibuya District. The name of the area is Yebisu, from Yebisu Beer.

How did that happen? Well...let’s go to the museum and find out! Museum Of Yebisu Beer is located on the basement floor of Yebisu Garden Place. Of course you can enjoy their famous beer here at such a low cost!

Let’s Get Going...

From the JR Ebisu Station east exit, take a right and you will find a moving sidewalk (just like the ones in the airport!). Put yourself on it, then...

You will find Yebisu Garden Place in front of you. On your left, you will see Mitsukoshi (department store), so enter there and go to the basement floor.

You will find huge Yebisu beer cans at the entrance waiting for you!

There is a tasting salon after the beautiful stairs. Pictures of Yebisu God (Japanese mythology God of luck) are everywhere!

You can learn the history of Yebisu beer and taste their beer at the salon in the museum. There are guided tours available as well.

Tour In The Museum!

The tour takes 40 minutes total. Tours are held from 11am to 5pm, twice in an hour on weekdays and three times in an hour on weekends. Numbers for each tour are limited, so book it first before doing anything else in the museum, especially on the weekends!

Tours cost 500 yen! When you book, they give you a card (pictured above). Put the card around your neck until your tour starts.

Go to the meeting point 5-15 minutes before the tour starts.

The guide will take you to the inside of the museum. The tour is only in Japanese, but each exhibit has English descriptions.

This picture below was taken in 1887 when the first brewery was opened in Ebisu.

They have old labels, bottles, etc. There were some bad quality imitation beers sold as Yebisu beer (which, of course, were not from Yebisu), so they checked if the pictures of Yebisu God on the label and the seal matched.

These are the advertisements at the time.

They had a promotional campaign by lottery. The winners received key chains having some real gold and silver. The campaign was a huge success!

Yebisu beer got very popular in Japan; to the point where this Japanese favourite beer appears in some Manga comic books. This scene is in Neon Genesis EVANGELION, one of the most successful Manga comics. A girl drinks Yebisu beer after taking a bath.

These are line-ups of beers Yebisu Beer sells now.

It’s Time To Taste!

Enough learning? Let’s move on to the tasting!

Have a seat, and wait for a glass of beer coming to you…let these ladies handle it!

Let’s call out “YEBISU!”

In this tasting, you can have a small snack pouch and 2 glasses of beer! Yebisu beer (Dortmunder {German} style beer) and Kohaku (amber) beer are popular ones.

Yebisu amber beer is a rare kind in Yebisu, so why not to taste while you are taking a tour here?

The haze under the foam in a glass is a sign of that foam keeps itself creamy in a glass. This haze only happens due to the combination of a perfectly clean glass and beer in good condition.

The tour guide tells you a secret of how to pour beer into the glass nicely and tasty.

Great information for anyone who trule adores beer!

Two Isn’t Enough? Walk Into The Tasting Salon!

Want some more? Let’s move on to the tasting salon! 400 yen per glass isn’t bad, is it? Enjoy beer served by the pros!

Of course you can choose various kinds of Yebisu beer here.

There are some kinds of beer cocktails and bar food available too!

Stop By At The Souvenir Shop

Let’s check out the souvenir shop before you leave!

Japanese unique bowls/utensils...

Cute beer-themed stationery (of course!)...

Yebisu God printed drawstring pouches...you may find something pretty!

If you call yourself a beer lover, the Museum Of Yebisu Beer is one of the must-go places while you are in the Ebisu area! This tiny but fun facility will surely satisfy you!

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!