What A Deal! How To Upgrade Your Day at a High-end Bar at the Park Hyatt Hotel

In this article, we introduce some tips on enjoying “The Peak Bar,” a high-end bar at the Park Hyatt Hotel, at a low cost.

You came all the way to see Japan, but when it comes to drinks, you go to a random restaurant you saw on the street or buy beer and wine at a convenience store and drink them in your hotel room… That’s such a waste! Why don’t you experience something a little different from the usual?

That is why, I, a person who typically works late and just goes home to sleep, went to the bar at the Shinjuku located Park Hyatt Tokyo today!

Cehcking out the bar at the Park Hyatt Hotel!

There are several restaurants and bars inside the Park Hyatt Hotel, but the one we went to today is called “The Peak Bar” , located on the 41st floor.

By the way, this particular Park Hyatt is famous for its appearance in the movie, “Lost In Translation.” “The Peak Bar” is the lounge where Bill Murray is welcomed by his Japanese clients when he arrives at the hotel. The other bar that was featured in the movie is called “New York Bar”, and is located on the 52th floor. That one is also very popular among tourists.

What’s the budget for a hotel bar?

Many of you might have the impression that hotel bars are expensive… Guess what, we think you are right. Haha.

For your information, this is the menu of The Peak Bar.

  • Classic Cocktail = 1800 yen
  • Beer = from 1100 yen
  • Champagne (glass) = from 2900 yen
  • Spiced mixed nuts and Almonds from Spain = 1500 yen
  • Ice cream and shebet = 1200 yen

Yeah, it’s definitely not a place you go every day...:O

However, The Peak Bar actually has a wonderful service called “Peak of Joy,” and yes it is possible to have a meal AND all-you-can-drink at a reasonable price here!

Today we decided to mae use use of this course♪

To our surprise, it is only 4900 yen per person (service fee is NOT included), and you can enjoy the chef’s special meal and unlimited cocktails, wine, beer and so on for 2 hours! If you are a woman, they’ll include a dessert too.

Although the portion sizes are a bit small, but we very much enjoyed everything: salad, soup, pasta, and the main dish (meat, fish)! (Note that the menu differs each day)

For drinks, there are many different types of cocktails since it’s a hotel bar.

Some of them use fruits, which we recommend for the ladies, but there are some cocktails that use stronger alcohol, so be careful.

(*The photo is only a representation)

Even after your course is over, you can order one more menu item per person, allowing you to stay and enjoy the bar more. We ordered coffee and herbal tea after the meal.

Although this course is a great deal, it is only available for two hours between 5 and 9 pm. This time, we started at 7 pm to ended at 9 pm.

As long as you watch out for that, the rest of the night weill be carefree. We highly recommend this bar!

There is actually one more great plan called “Twilight Time,” which started on March 1st, 2014. This plan is also available from 5pm to 9pm. It is 3500 yen (service fee is NOT included), and you can get their special canape and all-you-can-drink! So wonderful!

Because it is standing style, you might feel like you can’t stay there so long, but we think it’s perfect to enjoy the “extraordinary” freely!

It seems like there’ll be a DJ from 6pm to 10pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!

We’re going to see that next time.

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Written by Tomoko"Nick"

In 1980, I was born and raised in Tokyo. I work as a web marketer, a blogger(established in 2004) and a career counselor. I'm looking for the best meat dishes and restaurants in Tokyo at all times! That's why my friends call me "Nick" that sounds same as "meat " in Japanese.