Another Wonderful Christmas Event: WHITE KITTE Near Tokyo Station

KITTE is a shopping mall located near Tokyo Station. This mall holds fun events during the holiday season which will make your Christmas even brighter! Let me introduce the shops in the mall and their Christmassy event!

In Japan, Christmas is more of a celebration of love birds’ romance or a party night out with friends. The holoday season has far less religious meaning for most people in Japan. Walking along the well decorated streets, listening Christmas music, enjoying shopping in fancy shops, and having nice dinner… Those are the typical ways to spend Christmas for Japanese people.

Marunouchi is one of the areas I recommend visiting to see Japan’s festive spirit! The area has the Marunouchi Building, the Shin-Marunouchi Building, and the Takashimaya Department Store etc...these shopping malls are well decorated to fill you with the Christmas spirit!

6-Storey Shopping Mall KITTE Near Tokyo Station

There are many shopping malls like the ones mentioned above, but today I will introduce you to “KITTE,” which is near Tokyo Station. KITTE literally means “postage stamp” in Japanese. Why name a shopping mall after a stamp? Because a large, landmark post office called ‘Chuo Post Office’ once stood on the mall’s current location. This is the first shopping mall operated by the Japan Post Co., Ltd.

Right after entering the mall, you will see this beautifully decorated terrace and shops all around it.

The entrance hall has a large illuminated Christmas tree in the middle of the hall from late November to December. Also, Christmasy events such as the live choir music are held here.

Of course the shops in KITTE have fancy and very Christmassy goods during this season!

###1st Floor: Spiral Market

Spiral Market is located in front of the Christmas tree on the 1st floor. They have items carefully selected from home and abroad, and provide new and different ways of approaching style. Their goods are simple, but they want you to cherish the goods for a long time, which they call “eternal design.” The shop contains about 60,000 items in stock at a given time.

If you don’t have a tree or potted poinsettia in the house, but want to feel Christmas’ festive spirit at home, bring these little friends home with you! These mascots deliver Christmas spirit to your home!

2nd Floor: Gelato Pique

Japanese girls love fluffy room wear, stuffed toys about you? Gelato Pique has cute outfits/goods for girls and kids.

Look at these cute and fluffy bears… These two are a pair of slippers!

Look what I found! Christmassy and fluffy mascots and other goods are all over the shop…!

I’d love to get cozy by wearing such warm and adorable room wear in the chilly winter~~♪

This is next door to Gelato Pique; CASA VIA BUS STOP. This shop was appointed with edgier holiday decorations.

3rd Floor: Socks Shop TABIO

Need cozy socks to make it through the cold winter? Visit TABIO the socks specialty store!

Snowman, reindeer, and any other wintery printed socks are popular throughout the season… Cuuuuuute!

I found a handkerchief imprinted with Darth Vader! Well, it was right before Star Wars The Force Awakens released…. I know that Darth Vader is a villain, but this handkerchief is SO cute!

4th Floor: ANGERS Bureau

ANGERS Bureau is a stationery store. They not only have stationery, but general goods, books, and so on.

This shop was also very festive and Christmassy!

Santa Claus matryoshka dolls!! I...I...I want them…!! haha

Christmas Tree Lighting Show At The End

I was really enjoying my shopping excursion to KITTE… Then I heard the tree lighting show was going to be held.

I ran down to the first floor.

During the event season of WHITE KITTE, the tree lighting show is held every 30 minutes (schedule is as below).

I could hear my heart pounding with excitement…!!

The hall got dark, the Christmas music started...and lights on the tree were changing every few minutes...

The picture may not show it, but the lighting kept steadily changing...

There are lights behind the tree which filled the hall with a snowfall effect...beautiful!

What do you think of KITTE? If you stop at Tokyo Station in the winter, make a side trip and walk into this fun shopping mall which is just across the street from the station! KITTE makes your winter trip to Tokyo even more wonderful!!

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Written by Nekko

I recently got married and I’m currently living in Tokyo. I will write about cheap shopping, and tips about fashion and lifestyle.