Beyond Precious!! Snowy Winter In Kyoto (1) Yasaka Pagoda & Kamogawa River

Snowy Kyoto in winter is very rare! We are proudly lauching Snowy Winter In Kyoto Series here on KIKOU. The first article is about Yasaka Pagoda and Kamogawa River.

Hi everyone, I’m KOKORO MOYOU who shares information from Kyoto!

I am going to introduce snowy Kyoto on KIKOU. Kyoto doesn’t get snow much, so white Kyoto is very valuable!

When And How Frequent Does The City Get Covered Up In Snow?

You may wonder when and how frequent the major cities get snowed if you plan coming to Japan in winter. Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and other major touristy cities don’t get covered in snow much. When it happens even once in a year, the news runs all over Japan with surprise!

However, many places got much snow in the end of 2014 to the beginning of 2015 somehow…(well, leave “why?” to the scientists! lol). In this article, let me introduce beautiful Kyoto covered up in snow during 1-3 January 2015.

Snowy Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavillion Temple) is popular, but it is not the only site you can see winter beauty in Kyoto. I will show you how Yasaka Pagoda and Kamogawa River in snow.

Yasaka Pagoda In Snow

This is Yasaka Pagoda. The pictures were taken on 3 January 2015.

It was early morning, probably around dawn.

Yasaka Pagoda is in the premise of Houkanji Temple, but Yasaka Pagoda is more popular than the temple itselt now. You see the pagoda in many guidebooks of Kyoto. The pagoda is one of the symbolic view of the city.

It took me for a while taking pictures and walking sun’s up!

Beautifully Snowed Kamogawa River

From the pagoda, I walked to Kamogawa River to see this fantastic view.

kamogawa River is running north and south in Kyoto City. Local people have adored the river very much. The river looked very different that day...beautifully covered by white powder snow…

The picture below was taken around Shijo Ohashi Bridge.

This is the view from Donguribashi Bridge to Matsubarabashi Bridge.

Donguribashi Bridge to Shijo Ohashi Bridge.

On the south of Shijo Ohashi Bridge.

Shijo Ohashi Bridge to Sanjo Ohashi Bridge.

I was amazed by its beautiful and deep blue gradation.

What do you thin?

Even if you’ve lived in this city for long time, you wouldn’t see snow covered Kyoto much. Isn’t it so dreamy and romantic?

If you are interested in seeing more snowy Kyoto, please refer below:

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