The Biggest Sale In Japan Starts In The New Year’s Day! Hatsu-Uri Here I Come!

This article introduces how a girl in Kyoto spent her time around the new year’s day. Visiting a shrine, enjoying shopping, having sweets...her way to celebrate the new year is full of fun!

Hi friends! It is Wednesday 2 January, I will share what I did and how I spent my day!

Hatsu-Uri is the biggest annual sale term in Japan♪ Hatsu-Uri literally means the first sale in the year.

Most shops have their sale going between 1-3 January, but some do until 7 or even longer! If you plan to visit Japan, shopping is fun activity!

Shop At Kyoto Takashimaya

Kyoto Takashimaya is long-established luxury department store.

I arrived there around 9:30 in the morning, there was super long line in front of the store!

Right after the store opened (10:00), I ran into the bargain counter.

I was so happy that I purchased a skirt from PROPORTION BODY DRESSING. I love their clothes. The sale made me even happier because it was cheaper than usual!

I also got two Fukubukuro bags.

Fukubukuro bag contains variety of goods which is supposedly worth more in total than the purchase price. Fukubukuro literally means a lucky bag in Japanese. You can find in every shop during this sale. Clothes, accessories, general goods...the price on each Fukubukuro is depending on what is inside, but you cannot see it unless you buy. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? I sometimes trade goods in fukubukuro with friends.

The First Visit To Yasaka Shrine In The Year!

In Japan, visiting the shrine or the temple in the beginning of the year is called Hatsu Moude.

It is less religious, more likely to express our determination to make achievement in the year, and/or pray for good health, happiness, etc.

It was beyond busy…! We needed to leave to breath.

Open Up Fukubukuro (1): From Helena Rubinstein

This is the most exciting moment...opening Fukubukuro!

I got one from Helena Rubinstein (HR-cosmetic company), it was 5,250 yen.

I hear my heart is ponding…!

TA-DA! From left, cleanser, mascara, base liquid foundation, and serum sampler!

I saw HR’s official website to check how much each product heart was pounding even harder!! It was around 15,000 yen in the regular price (except the serum)!! I bought the bag in 5,000 yen, so it means it was 70% off in total.

Open Up Fukubukuro (2): From Star Jewelry

Star Jewelry is Japanese jewelry brand. The Fukubukuro was 15,000 yen.

Their accessories still had regular price tags on...I did was over 60,000 yen in total (75% off from the regular price)!! What a great deal!!

My husband gave me a necklace last year but its chain got I was looking for some pretty necklace. Now I have two pretty necklaces! It was my lucky day♪

I love what I got from both shops! I am beyond satisfied!

Cute Cakes From ANTENOR

Oh, and I haven’t told you, but my brother and his wife visited us on the new year’s day, so we bought some cakes from ANTENOR in Keihan Kuzuha Mall.

Aren’t they pretty? I think they are inspired by Japanese new year’s day celebration( see the decoration in the middle?). Of course they were very delicious♪

Enjoyed shopping, visiting the shrine, eating delicious food…. I had wonderful beginning of the year!

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Written by Yumiko Takahashi

I stroll all over Kyoto every weekend, cause I'm deeply fascinated by Kyoto. I write my blog as I follow my feeling.