Too Cute To Eat!? Pretty Looking Cakes At The Patisserie Petite Merveille In Hakodate

The Patisserie Petite Merveille in Hakodate sells super cute animal looking cakes… Let me show you how pretty their cakes are!

I will introduce you to the very pretty cakes from The Patisserie Petite Merveille in Hakodate! You will fall in love with their cute looking edible animals!

Look at these aborable bear and rabbit cakes!

Very cute and look yummy...but aren’t they too cute to eat…?

These pretty cakes are available at The Patisserie Petite Merveille in Hakodate. No wonder the shop is so beloved among the locals!

Their signature cake is called “Melcheese,” which is a cheese souffle, but the other cakes are wonderful as well. Plus, they started delving into unique and fun cakes lately...

The animal shaped cakes not only resemble bears and rabbits as I showed earlier, but also lambs, seals, etc...

Santa Claus comes to the shop for the holiday season!

Aren’t you wondering how these animal cakes taste? I visited their cafe where you can have the cakes and tea/coffee.

The Patisserie Petite Merveille In Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse

The cafe is located in the shopping mall called Bay Hakodate which is a part of Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse.

The shop is always busy with customers buying their signature cake Melcheese, but the cafe is calm and quiet. The brick walls are very nice!

I got both a bear and a rabbit… 330 yen each. Not bad, right?

I ordered a cup of tea with the cakes. It was about 700 yen or so...I think…

Let’s Eat The Bear First!

I was amazed how detailed this bear cake is! When I looked closer, I realized this bear cake really looks like a stuffed toy which has fluffy and fuzzy texture on its surface…!

I felt bad for the bear that I eat its face, so I started to eat from rear…haha

It is basically chocolate mousse. There is also firm vanilla cream inside.

Ohhh I am so sorry you cutie...but I’ll eat you up!


I am very sorry but you taste wonderful, bear!

It was very smooth and creamy! I enjoyed much in my mouth!

The Rabbit...You Are The Next!

The next one is...a rabbit! An another cutie!

Its ears are made of white chocolate.

My friend didn’t hesitate at all! haha

This rabbit cake has strawberry cream/paste inside. I personally liked the rabbit cake better because of its refreshing taste.

This is how it looks inside of the rabbit.

Now the rabbit looks like a white monky…!

Buwahahaha... I’ll eat your face!

Whew…both were good!

I felt guilty wating these pretty cakes...but they both were wonderfully adorable and tasty!

I wonder how do the other animal cakes taste like…!

Look for these cuties at The Patisserie Petite Merveille when you visit Hakodate!

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Written by y_a_j_i

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