Christmas Fantasy- Hakodate’s Christmas Event At Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse In December!

Hakodate’s most famous Chiristmas event Christmas Fantasy is held in December every year. This article introduces the event’s highlights!

Hi everyone, I’m Ayaka!

It is getting colder day by day here in Japan, but I am excited for coming up fun events such as Christmas and New Year’s Day...I guess everyone else feels the same, right?

I am going to introduce the wonderful event called Christmas Fantasy in Hakodate, Hokkaido! If you plan visiting Hakodate in December, this is one of must-see events in the area!

What Is Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse?

Hakodate is one of the few cities which opened up to the rest of the world earlier than any other cities after Japan emerged from its isolation. Hakodate City is much influenced by western culture becuase of this background.

Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse has been used as the shopping mall, but the building and its name remain as the old days. You will love it both inside and outside!

Chirstmas Fantasy Held In Every December At Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse

The romantic event called Christmas Fantasy is held at Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse in every December! The warehouse and the canal get beautifully illuminated. The area is always fancy, but it gets much fancier in this time of the year!

Santas get on top of the warehouse...

Don’t you worry, they are not thieves! lol

Don’t Miss The Tree Lighting Ceremony!

Walking around the warehouse...then I found the huge Christmas tree floating on the ocean!

This 18m-high fir tree came from Halifax, Canada. Halifax is the twin sister city of Hakodate, and it donates many fir trees to Hakodate every year. This huge tree has 20,000 lights and ornaments.

Lights change their colours in every few minutes. The picture below might be colours of Japanese flag… It looks funny to me that the tree was in red and white, though...hahaha

This tree is illuminated from 16:30-24:00, the lighting ceremony is held between 17:45-18:00 everyday, so lights are off during this time.

People gather in front of the tree, guests and mascots do a countdown all together in the ceremony!

When the countdown goes to zero (means the lights are on at 18:00), fireworks add the fantastic touch on this event!

The floating tree and fireworks are breathtakingly wonderful!

The fir tree and Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse are wonderful together in the picture!

Do you know anywhere to see the tree reflecting on the ocean? How beautiful is that!

Soup Makes Your Body Warm!

During the event, there is a booth selling kinds of soups!

Many Hakodate’s popular restaurants sell soups here in the booth… To choose one is the toughest thing! There are clam chowder, bisque, spicy ones, etc… All of them are 600 yen each.

Corn potage and onion soup look good as well, but I personally recommend seafood soup (Hakodate is known for fresh seafood).

I chose spicy soup with beef tendon, Maitake mushrooms, and vegitables. Of course the beef and vegitables are from local farms! This fun guy explained about the soup.

It was wonderful! Maitake mushroom was on top as a garnish….it was roasted...savory and delicious! Sweet carrots, potatoes, and tender beef tendon melted in my mouth… 600 yen for this soup is definitely worth it!

My friend chose corn potage. was delicious as well! Corn was very sweet (surely from the local farm!) and the cheese rusk in the soup added some accent.

Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse is fun place in general, but in this season, the area gets much brighter! Walking in this colourful and romantic area makes your winter so special with your loved ones!

If you plan to visit Hakodate in December, don’t forget to be at Christmas Fantasy in Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse, Hakodate!

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Written by y_a_j_i

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