Matsunoo Taisha Shrine: Showcasing The Huge Prayer Intention Placard In The Beginning Of The New Year

Matsunoo Taisha Shrine is famous for the god of Sake, but also the shrine desplays a large prayer intention placard called Ema in the new year’s day. I will show you how it was in 2015.

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Are you excited the new year’s day is coming soon? I will introduce you how Matsunoo Taisha Shrine welcomed the year of 2015.

Matsunoo Taisha Shrine is located in NIshikyo-ku, Kyoto City.

About Matsunoo Taisha Shrine

Matsunoo Taisha Shrine was built in 701, and it worships the god of Sake. You will be amazed how many barrels/bottles of Sake are heaped up. These barrels/bottles are devoted by Sake brewers from all over Japan.

Also, as I mentioned, the shrine desplays the huge prayer intention placard in there, so many people visit to see it in the new year’s day.

Let’s Walk Around!

This is the entrance gate called Torii.

This is called Sakuramon Gate. In the spring, the gate is decorated by beautifully bloomed Kerria Japonica.

The sign says that the shrine welcomes you to pray with the priest for happiness in the coming year. It is one of the typcal events to Japanese people.

At the gate, there are pine and bamboo decorations called Kadomatsu. Kadomatsu is a typical decoration in the new year. Pine trees and bamboos are considered as festive trees in Japan, so people decorate the trees to welcome gods and purify the house in the new year.

This is the hall of worship.

Again, the Sake brewers devote their Sake to the shrine...the building is surrounded by the countless numbers of bottles from all over Japane! Makes me tipsy just by looking these! hahaha

Seriously, the bottles are all over the building! The brewes wish their Sake gets blessings from the god of Sake in this shrine.

What a view…! I bet you won’t see this numbers of Sake in anywhere but here!

This building is a storage of the divine planquin. The walls are covered up by the Sake barrels!

This is the entrance of the main hall. Another piles of Sake barrels! There are popular Sake brewers such as Kiku-Masamune, Shochikubai, Gekkeikann, etc… If you are a fan of Sake, these are fun to see!

This is the main hall.

There is the large prayer intention placard desplayed in here. 2015 is a year of lamb, so the placard should have a picture of lamb.

Many countries influenced by Chiense culture including Japan have the system to reckon time or year called Junishi in Japanese. It is devided in twelve and each year has a symbolic animal. You will hear people say “What animal is this year?” in the conversations in this time of the year.

TA-DA! This huge placard has a pretty lamb, Japanese apricot flowers, bamboos, pine trees (these are festive trees), and a turtle (it is a symbol of long life).

Most Japanese people visit shrines and/or temples in the new year’s day. Of course shrines and temples prepare for their worshippers’ visit, but there’s no other shrines showcase this humongous sized prayer intention placard like Katsunoo Taisha Shrine does!!

2016 is a year of monkey, so the shrine prepares the large placard of it. I’m excited to see it already! If you are in Kyoto in the new year’s day, visiting Matsunoo Taisha Shrine adds another fun memory on your trip!

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