A Reasonable Fusion Lunch Course at a Kyo-Machiya Style Restaurant, “伽芽論 - CAMERON”

In this article, we introduce a Japanese fusion and French restaurant in Kyoto called CAMERON. If you go on a weekday, you can have a full lunch course for only 1780 yen. What a surprise! Everything about this restaurant is the highest of the highest: atmosphere, taste, and service.

Hello! This is KOKORO MOYOU, and today I’ll give you some tips about Kyoto.

Today, we introduce a restaurant that is all the buzz in Kyoto, “CAMERON”, where Japanese Fusion and French meet.

CAMERON is located in Gokomachi-Dori, in the Shimogyou Ward of Kyoto city. What is interesting about the restaurant’s name is that they display the Japanese Kanji characters for “CAMERON”, written “伽芽論”, with the English.

We visited the restaurant on February 26th, 2015. All the photos were taken on that day.

Information about 伽芽論 - CAMERON

The building that houses CAMERON was originally a “Machiya”.

“Machiya” refers to an architectual style, that integrates a work-space with a living space. The first floor is used as a store, and the second floor is a house. Throughout Japan’s history, streets called “Machiya-dori”, have developed, where merchants work and live in these Machiya style buildings. Machiya in Kyoto are called “Kyo-machiya” and have a unique atmosphere.

This is the inside of the restaurant. It is very spacious. Although there was a courtyard, we decided not to take pictures because there were other customers present.

It was fancy how their chopstick stands had the Japanese kanji characters “伽芽論” printed on them.

This is the menu. There are a number of lunch courses.

We chose the most popular item, “Enjoy Lunch Course”. This lunch course is usually 1980 yen, but it is less expensive on weekdays: 1,780 yen. These prices include tax.

Let’s Enjoy the “Japanese Fusion and French Cuisine” Style!

First, we had an appetizer, “Broiler Chicken and Root Vegetables Galantine”.

It was so perfect that it looked like a piece of art.

Here’s some bread. You can choose to have bread or rice with your course.

The bread comes with margarine, and they were both delicious. It definitely exceeded our expectations! The round, soft bread on the left was fluffy and especially good.

This is the Soup of the Day. Although a server explained the ingredients to us, we completely forgot what they were… It had a refreshing taste and we enjoyed it very much.

The main dish was “A Delicious Mixed Stew of Tender Choice Beef in Red Wine”.

There were four choices for the main dish: “Bone-in Broiler Chicken Thigh Confite”, “Pan-Fried Winter Yellowtail”, and “CAMERON’s Special Hamburg Steak”.

The beef was very soft, and it absorbed seasoning well. It was delicious, absolute perfection. The potato and broccoli had a little something special about them and were also very delicious.

We ended the course with a selection of several desserts. They looked and tasted amazing.

You can choose tea or coffee. This time, we chose tea.

It matched our dessert very well.

It would have been even better if the portion sizes were a little bigger, but considering the taste, the design, the restaurant’s atmosphere, and the price, it was definitely a satisfying lunch.

Now we want to try another, higher quality lunch course at CAMERON.

The fact that we could eat such a quality lunch course for this price made a lasting impression. We would definitely like to visit this restaurant again. We highly recommend it to everyone.

“CAMERON” is also proud of their attention to customer service. They say that they strive to continue creating new and lasting impressions on every single customer they welcome by offering the highest quality service.

“CAMERON” is the definition of a high class, high quality restaurant. It strives to deliver the best of everything: cuisine, space, and service. Please visit “CAMERON” for a great experience.

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