What is Onsen Tamago? A specialty in Hotspring towns!

This is an article about the Onsen Tamago that is served for breakfast in hotspring town hotels. They are a half-boiled egg that uses the heat from the hotsprings.

Hi! Today, we will talk about Onsen Tamago, a well-known food in hotspring towns in Japan.

Here it is!

Isn’t it just a half-boiled egg? No. It’s a mysterious egg that has a hard yolk and soft egg white.

When you try making a half-boiled egg, the egg white gets harder than the yolk. Same with fried eggs.

This is because the egg white is outside of the yolk, and the pan or boiled water that touches the egg white makes it harder than the inside.

But actually, the yolk coagulates at about 70℃, whereas the egg white coagultes at about 80℃. So, if you leave the egg inside a 65 to 70℃ boiled water for about thirty minutes, you will have an Onsen Tamago with a hard yolk and soft egg white.

The hotsprings are just about 60 degrees, so they are suitable for making Onsen Tamago. In Japan, we eat them with soup stock, and the mixture of the yolk and eg white is delicious.

Let’s eat Onsen TAmago at Kokuya, in Yudanaka Shibu Onsen

Yudanaka Shibu Onsen is a very popular hotspring site in Nagano-shi, Nagano prefecture. There is the Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park near it, famous for their snow monkeys. It’s becoming popular among foreign tourists too.

There is a hotspring hotel named Kokuya in the middle of the Yudanaka Shibu Onsen, that has a history of 400 years. It is a luxury hotel with six natural hotsprings and rooms with private outdoor hotsprings.

The Onsen Tamago is sold inside the Kokuya hotel, for only 50 yen each!

There may be someone from the hotel at the entrance, but it’s maily self-service. You put the 50 yen inside this basket.

Choose one from the hot boiling egg. It’s very hot. Be careful!

They told me that we couldn’t eat them inside the hotel, so I walked to someplace else. I hit the egg against the wall I found on the way and...

Ta-da! The egg white is mildly heated too, so it doesn’t get splattered.

When you bite on the egg white, the mostly boiled yolk will peep out of the egg.

So good...You can also eat it with salt, but the saltiness of the hotspring gives it a great taste just by itself.

It was so delicious that I ate another two of them after that lol.

This Onsen Tamago is served at not just only hotspring hotels but in many normal hotels in Japan for breakfast (But the ones in normal hotels are not made with hotsprings; just plain 70 degree water, but if they’re made the same way we call it an Onsen Tamago).

Japanese people often raw eggs, so we love half-boiled ones too. This Onsen Tamago lets you eat the raw egg white and rich yolk at the same time.

Try the Onsen Tamago when you go to hotsprings!

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Written by y_a_j_i

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