Byodoin Temple Under The Beautiful Blue Sky In Kyoto

Let me introduce Byodoin Temple in Uji, Kyoto! The beautiful temple has the famous Phoenix Hall in the premise.

Hi friends! I’m KOKORO MOYOU who lives in Kyoto and shares some fun information with you!

Today, I introduce Byodoin Temple in Uji City, Kyoto.

What is Byodoin Temple?

The land was owned by Minamoto No Tohru who was a member of Saga Genji clan, and he is sometimes mentioned as the model for Hikaru Genji (he is described as a superbly hamsome guy) in the world’s oldest romance novel The Tale Of Genji which was written in Heian era (9-11th century). His cottage became Byodoin Temple in 1052 and the temple is registered on the world heritage list. You can see many cultual assets in this temple.

The famous Phoenix Hall which has a statue of a phoenix on the top of the building is one of our national treasures. Did you know the Phoenix Hall is printed on a 10 yen coin? Also the phoenix is designed on 10,000 yen note as well. The Phoenix Hall in Byodoin Temple is THAT famous to Japanese people.

Let’s go and see the premise!

Walking In Byodoin Temple

This is the bell tower. The original bell tower built in 11th century is shown at Byodoin Hoshokan Museum (it is in the temple premise).

This is the famous Phoenix Hall!!

It was repainted in 2012 and now the pavillion is bright red.

This is the view from the front.

I was so lucky to see the temple in this wonderfully sunny day!

The blue sky and the red temple are breathtakingly beautiful together…!!

Oh, this view is exactly the same as my 10 yen coin has...

This picture is taken from the right side.

The water reflects the Phoenix Hall on its surface wonderfully.

This is taken from the left side of the hall.

Crape myrtle was bloomed around the hall.

It is symmertical appearance...

The back view...

Do you see the phoenix on top of the hall? Again, it is designed on our 10,000 yen note.

Phoenix is a Chinese mythological bird, and one of four benevolent animals. The phoenix is the augury of good.

These beautiful Phoenixes are replicas, though… The original phoenixes are stored in the treasure museum due to a protection from acid rain.

I am beyond happy to see the beautiful temple in this wonderfully sunny day! This is a bit far from Kyoto City, but it is totally worth to visit, especially in the beautiful day like this!

Sure, Byodoin Temple and its Pheonix Hall are unbelievally beautiful, but Uji City itself is very calm and scenic area where the ancient noble people used to visit for vacation. Visit the area and enjoy!

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