250 Years Of Business! Get Pretty Sweets From Tawaraya Yoshitomi Gion-Ten In Kyoto

Tawaraya Yoshitomi in Kyoto has so much variety of pretty looking sweets! Today, I will introduce their sweets inspired by Maiko. You will be amazed how cute they are...it will be the perfect souvenir for your girlfriends!

Hi everyone! I’m KOKORO MOYOU, living in Kyoto and sharing the latest information of the city.

Have you heard of Kyo-gashi? It means Kyoto’s traditinal confectionery in Japanese which has very pretty appearance which makes everyone amazed!

Introducing Tawaraya Yoshitomi

The address is as follows: Nakano-cho Nishiniiru Yamato Oji Shijo-dori Higashiyamaku Kyoto. The confectionery has 250 years of history in business! I visited Gion-ten (branch) but the company also has other branches in Kyoto Station, Karasuma-dori, and other locations.

I visited on 9 October 2015, I asked and got approval from the shop to take pictures.

What Is Kyo-Maiko-Chan BonBon?

This is the reson I came here for today! It is called Kyo-Maiko-Chan BonBon (972 yen including tax). This is exclusive in Gion-ten!

Check this wrapping paper! This is a map of Gion area.

The box has the sticker saying Miako-Chan BonBon in Japanese.

Open Sesame! Look how pretty they are❤

These are inspired by Maiko (apprentice Geiko- not exactly same as Geisha). Very pretty and classy. The designs are changing depending on seasons.

They are sugar confectionery and have some liqueur inside.

The liqueur is not so strong. It gives these sweets rich flavour and sweetness.

They were too cute to eat...but taste wonderful… ;)

Tawaraya Yoshitomi has variety of seasonal sweets as well. I saw another sugar confectionery for autumn called Tohmitsu BonBon Miyako Tsurezure. Please see the article if you are interested!

All the confectionery Tawaraya Yoshitomi makes is delicately and beautifully crafted. I understand if you have hard time to choose from their pretty confectionery selection… These beautiful confectionery represents Japanese craftsmanship and Kawaii culture! Bring them back home with you and make everyone who waits for you smile!

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