Find Limited Edition Hello Kitty In Hakodate, Hokkaido

I visited Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse in Hakodate, Hokkaido to find Hello Kitty goods. The shop has Hello Kitty limited edition goods!

Have you ever heard local costumed Hello Kitty?

The world’s famous little cat Hello Kitty often helps tourism by cooperating with many local places in Japan.

I will introduce you the shop where you can find Hokkaido limited edition Hello Kitty!

The shop is called Japanese Character Shop and is located in the shopping mall called BAY Hakodate. The entrance is very visible so you won’t miss it! The shop has Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, and other Japanese characters, and also cute characters from abroad.

Hokkaido Limited Edition Hello Kitty Goods!

TA-DA! This is Hokkaido limited edition Hello Kitty! Most local costumed Hello Kitty collaborates with the local famous food, scenery, etc. In Hokkaido, Hello Kitty collaborates with Furano’s lavender field. Furano is the town in Hokkaido and is very famous for its beautiful lavender field in summer.

This picture below is a tote bag which has a picture of Hello Kitty picking lavender and saying hello to Ezo Red Fox (this fox lives only in Hokkaido).

I found many lavender colour Hello Kitty goods! She has purple ribbons instead of her usual red ones… The lavender colour suits her, right?

I love this small pouch...her riddon is purple plaid...Cuuuuute!!!

This is a kids size backpack. I’d love to buy if I had a little girl...

Hello Kitty Meets Japanese Traditional Patterns

This is not Hokkaido limited edition...but I found Hello Kitty collaborated with Japanese traditional patterns. The plate below is called Kutaniyaki which is the traditional china in Ishikawa Prefecture. Hello Kitty even wears Kimono! Don’t you think it’s pretty??

This is Hello Kitty in Kimono stuffed toy….

...No, this is a robot Kitty!

When you say “Konnichiwa (hello)” then she repeats it. When you say “Arigato (thank you)” then she repeats it. She even mimics your laugh! I saw a little girl played with this robot for long...

Other Cute Characters

I saw many characters in this shop other than Hello Kitty!

This travel mug has Rilakkuma (relaxed bear) on it. Aren’t they pretty?? The pattern is drawn on crepe fabric.

This is my favourite! It is a coaster with Japanese-ish pattern! It looks like Ukiyo-e (popular Japanese art genre flourished in Edo era) but Snoopy! This is classy!

Dynamic design and vibrant colours...don’t you see it is like Hokusai’s Ukiyo-e art?? (Hokusai is one of the most famous Ukiyo-e artists in Japan)

What do you think? I am sure Hokkaido’s limited edition Hello Kitty and other characters goods will be wonderful souvenir!

You will find local costumed Hello Kitty and other characters not only in Hokkaido but in other prefectures! Find the limited edition Hello Kitty goods in where you visit!

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Written by y_a_j_i

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