Beyond Precious!! Snowy Winter In Kyoto (2) Kiyomizudera Temple In Early Morning

This is the second article introducing snowy Kyoto. In this article, We will introduce Kiyomizudera Temple covered up by white snow.

Good day friends! I’m KOKORO MOYOU who lives in Kyoto.

Snowy Winter In Kyoto series goes to Kiyomizudera Temple in here today. As you know, Kyoto doesn’t have snow much, so the view of white Kyoto is very rare and worth to see!

Our year of 2015 started with cold and snowy weather. Welcoming a new year with snow was the first time in 61 years in Kyoto.

It was very rare to see the combination of morning glow and snow in Kiyomizudera Temple. I will share how fantastic it was with you! I visited the temple on 3 January 2015.

What Is Kiyomizudera Temple?

Overview of Kiyomizudera Temple

Kiyomizudera Temple is one of the best known and popular sites to visit in Kyoto. This temple is located in the mountain called Otowayama Mountain.

It is the head temple of Japanese Buddhist Kita Hoso sect, and the building has been registered on the World Heritage List.

History of Kiyomizudera Temple

In 780, the Great General Sakanoueno Tamuramaro met the priest Enchin in the mountain while he was hunting a deer. The priest admonished the General for his killing a deer. The general was strucked by the priest, so he and his wife built a thousand armed Kannon statue and the temple. In 810, the Emperor Saga designated the temple as the important temple to protect the country and re-named Kiyomizudera.

There had been a conflict between sects such as Hoso sect and others that caused the temple burnt to the ground at least 9 times in its history. As it mentioned above, it became the head temple of the Buddhism Kita Hoso sect since 1965.

The temple rebuilt in 1633. It has been on the world heritage list and designated as national treasure in Japan. The main hall is known as Kiyomizu No Butai (the stage of Kiyomizu) that the floor is made from cypress boards and the posts are made from Japanese Zelkova and are 13 meter’s high. Total of 13 things on the premise are designated as the cultual asset of national importance. -Reference from Kyoto Tourism and Culture Certification Test Official Textbook-

Deva Gate In Snow

The famous Deva Gate was covered by snow! Beautiful red gate stood out in white.

From Saimon (West Gate) To Kiyomizu Stage

I took this picture at the Saimon (West Gate)

Kyoto Tower is in far in the picture below.

The city is in the morning glory...

This is the bell tower.

This is Zuigudou Hall.

This hall worships gods of good relationship, safe childbirth, child rearing, etc.

This is Chukoudou Hall.

Kiyomidzu Stage Here I Come!

The main hall is as known as Kiyomizu Stage. The picture below is from the main hall to see Koyasunotou Pagoda (you see the red pagoda?).

The stage also has beautiful snow. I can see morning glory from here, too. Amazing!

Jishu Shrine

This shrine worships god of good relationship.

Also covered deeply in snow...

This view is from the front of Jishu Shrine. The main hall and Koyasunotou Pagoda.

This is Kiyomizu Stage. Snow and morning glory made the scenery fantastic!

You can see the city of Kyoto from here.

Kyoto Towar got some snow, too.

The sky and clouds changed their colours as time passes...

The lights of morning glory rakes the entire city beautifully. It was heavenly fantastic! These fantastic scenery made me feel refreshing… It was perfect experience to start up the new year!

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