Cheese omelette cake and madeleines from Hakodate’s beloved cake shop ‘Pastry Snaffle’s’

I’m introducing a popular cake shop from Hakodate in Hokkaido called ‘Pastry Snaffle’s’. The most popular item there is a bite-size soufflé cheesecake called ‘Cheese omelette’.

There are countless popular sweets and snacks in Hokkaido, such as ‘Shiroi koibito’ (thin sandwich cookies with white chocolate), ‘Royce’ Namachoco’ (Royce’ melting chocolate) and ‘Rokkatei confectionery store’. Here in Hokkaido, you’ll notice both long-standing shops as well as newly established popular shops, and more sweets/snacks are constantly created to become next hit products.

Today, I’ll be introducing ‘Pastry Snaffle’s’ in the city of Hakodate, one of the top tourist destinations in Hokkaido. The shop is beloved by the locals and easy to spot it with this adorable silhouette!

Introducing Hakodate’s ‘Pastry Snaffle’s’!

Snaffle’s in Hakodate was established as a sweets shop in 1998. It is now so popular that they have 9 branches including the ones in Tokyo and Sapporo.

This time, I visited one of their shops in ‘Kanemori Soko’ (Kanemori warehouses), which still tells visitors the long history of Hakodate as a seaport town.

Inside the shop, there are baked sweets including madeleines and several kinds of cakes and cake rolls are all lined up. In Hakodate, the locals love to come here to find something for themselves, to buy a casual souvenir for a friend and to find a gift for someone special.

Out of all the selections, I decided to buy their top selling items, ‘Cheese omelette’ cakes and ‘Bon Appetít’ madeleines.

Let’s taste Snaffle’s top selling ‘Cheese omelette’ cake!

First of all, here is the famous and unshakable best selling cake, ‘Cheese omelette’!

These bite-size cakes are called ‘Catchcakes’...because you just want to catch it and bite into it with your fingers without waiting for a spoon or fork.

This is a set of 2 kinds of Catchcakes. One is creamy soufflé cheesecake ‘Cheese omelette’ and the other is ‘steam baked chocolat’, rich chocolate soufflé. The box includes 5 of each cake, so ¥1500 for 10 Catchcakes. They even sell them individually, so it is great for those who just want to try a little.

So, here comes ‘Cheese omelette’ Catchcake...♪

As the name explains, it is certainly cute and petit.

It is so soft and light to hold, and I can’t wait to eat it. (^^)

It would be nice to eat it up in one bite, but I had it in two bites instead to make it last longer. (lol)

The soft soufflé part melts in my mouth and leaves a very rich cheesy aftertaste. This is exactly what I am talking about Hokkaido products! It’s so delicious! I could easily keep eating this unbelievably fluffy cake.

Next, let’s have steam baked chocolat.

Steam baked chocolat is not as soufflé like as Cheese omelette, and it is very light when I hold it.

Again, I’m having only half a bite at a time! When I bite into it, it’s certainly fluffy as I expected, but it is actually very moist with rich chocolate flavor. It’s like magic!

The two Catchcakes were quite opposite.

However, they both are uniquely different and nice. I wouldn’t be able to stop if I tried both of these two kinds one after another...

A bite-size madeleine, ‘Bon Appetít’

I’m still eating and tasting.

The next up is a bite-size madeleine called ‘Bon Appetít’. It’s ¥1000 for 7 madeleines.

It’s heavier than the previous two cakes.

Look at the cute heart shape. It was slightly hard on the surface with a maple sugar coating, so it was a nice surpise to find it soft inside.

Oh, it’s so good! Unlike a Catchcake, this is filling and one is probably enough to fill me up. It might be good for breakfast.

FYI, I heated it up in the microwave out of my curiosity. It actually changed the texture of the madeleine completely and it was delicious! The sugar on the surface melted and the cake itself became so soft and fluffy. It almost seems like a different cake. I would recommend trying both!

How was it? Honestly, whatever you choose at Snaffle’s, they are all superb. So, if you are staying in Hakodate, please make sure you add Snaffle’s to your must-visit list. I highly recommend the top-selling Cheese omelette out of all. I assure you of the flavor of rich and genuine Hokkaido cheese ♪

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!