Meat lovers, gather up! Meat festival at the Carne Tribe in Monzen Nakacho in Tokyo

In this article, I introduce a restaurant named Carne Tribe in Monzen Nakacho, Tokyo, which is like meat heaven.


Where is Monzen Nacho?

Foreign tourists might not know this place that much, but there is a town called Monzen Nakacho, across from the Nihonbashi shopping area, with Sumida River in between.

This place had been prosperous from the Edo era, and is a convenient area with shopping streets.

A Great Meat Restaurant "Carne Tribe"

Today, a friend who loves meat invited me, so we went to the pre-opening of the Carne Tribe that just opened on Sep. 16th, 2015!

It’s time to eat!

This is the entrance.

It’s about a five to seven minute walk from Monzen Nakacho station.

Carne means “meat” in Italian, and Tribe is, well “tribe” in English. Meat tribe!!!

Starting with meat for appetizers! This is Japanese black beef!

This is sparkling wine, fresh from the barrel! Quite rare in the city. They have red wine too. (They’re both 580 yen)

I think I mostly drank this...and also whisky with soda (don’t remember exactly lol).

Cold appetizers first. The Carne Tribe assortment. (1480 yen)

The baguette’s in the way, so a photo from the other side too!

They are all so good.

Their salad has meat in them too...the green parts were phakchi, I think!

Seared Minase beef and herb salad (1200 yen).

Japanese black beef from Akita, Minase beef steak (1980 yen)

200 grams for four people...not enough!

Thick red meat! It’s so juicy when you bite into it!

You eat them with sweet soy sauce and wasabi, or with salt, but with the soy sauce was delicious!

And then this. Recommended menu, Japanese black beef hamburg steak (250g/1680 yen)

It’s the same picture from the beginning of the article, but once again...

I don’t they use that much liaison…

The waiter cut them into pieces, but the juice poured out as they put the knife in…

This was just too good.

It’s rare, so you should grill it on the hot iron plate until it gets cooked the way you like it.

Then it’s all just meat, meat, meat.

Carne Tribe Mince Cutlet (280 yen per piece). (Fried mixture of minced pork and beef meat, onions, salt and pepper)

The white parts you see are meat fat (lard), and when you bite into it...My mouth is watering just by imagining this.

Lamb grill (1,800 yen for two pieces)

Juicy! It doesn’t smell, and 2 pieces isn’t enough!

Beef liver grill (750 yen) and beef heart grill (750 yen) together on the same plate.

We even ordered curry and rice after this...

The rice is cooked in an earthenware pot. “Just cooked Akita Komachi (a famous Akita rice brand)”.

The curry made with Japanese beef shank meat (sweetly made with ginger, soy sauce and sugar), and seared Japanese beef.

This was too good...

It’s a set with the rice and 800 yen per serving. You can only order them from 2 servings.

We ordered the Japanese beef sinew stew with cheese on top (850 yen) too.

You can eat this with rice too. So good!!

We were gonna finish off with the rice, but this pile of meat came out of nowhere. Steak assortment (2980 yen)? I think it was.

We ate dessert after this too, but I forgot to take pictures.

This place was an amazing place for meat tribes. If you’re in Nihonbashi, you should definitely come a little far over to this Carne Tribe! I definitely wanna go again!

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Written by Tomoko"Nick"

In 1980, I was born and raised in Tokyo. I work as a web marketer, a blogger(established in 2004) and a career counselor. I'm looking for the best meat dishes and restaurants in Tokyo at all times! That's why my friends call me "Nick" that sounds same as "meat " in Japanese.