Michelin Three Star Rated Night View From Mount Hakodate, Hokkaido

Mount Hakodate is beyond famous to tourists. This article tells you some tips to get to the top of the mountain without being in crowd.

Hi friends! Today, I am introduce you breathtaking night view from Mount Hakodate, where almost all tourists see in Hakodate City, Hokkaido. It has been acknowledged as one of the three major night views of Japan, and Michelin Green Guide recently gave three stars to the view from Mount Hakodate. Three stars means it is worth to travel to see. Doesn’t it make you want to visit?

I’d love to say...you should visit the mountain before dusk to see its night view! Why? Because you can avoid piles of people coming to see the famous night view and also see the view under the daylight, in the dusk, and at night at once if you go earlier.

Are you ready for the million dollar view?

Let’s Go To Mount Hakodate

We stayed in Hakodate Kokusai Hotel which is located in front of Hakodate Station, ans left there around 13:30 to go Mount Hakodate. The mountain is in far in this picture below/

I thought it wasn’t perfect time to visit and see the view...just because it was rainy and cloudy… However, clouds were cleared up around noon, so we decided to follow our plan as it is. Live camera is available to see the weather around the mountain from here before you visit!

Walking on the hill, and you will see the Hakodate Ropeway Station. You can go up to the top of the mountain by a car, but I definitely recommend this aerial tram!

You may find the sign when you ger closer to the station.

I wasn’t sure it was a good day to see the view...it was foggy still!

Get On The Tram!

I was still worried about the weather how it would be...but we arrived at the aerial tram station called Mount Hakodate Ropeway.

The electric bulletin board shows the schedule for the next tram. It was recently renovated (as of November 2015), the station was very pretty and new! There are clean baggage lockers and public bathrooms are available.

Ticketing machines are available, but you still can get the ticket at the counter as well. It is 1,280 yen per adult (7 graders and up).

Grab your ticket, and let’s take stairs or an elevator to the third floor where you catch the tram!

On the third floor, there are some tables and chairs for you to wait until the tram comes.

When the gate is opened, walk to the platform.

The tram looks cool, doen’t it?

We were the only people on the tram this time! It gets filled with piles of people at night. See? This is one of the reasons I recommend you to come earlier!

The Famous Hakodate View Under The Daylight

The tram takes up to the top… You can see churches in Motomachi, Hakodate City from the tram.

Of course the port, too!

Oh, and I saw the tram going down...it was almost empty...hahaha

It was raining...so I couldn’t see the outside much from the tram...

It was foggy in far, but it is one of the days in Hakodate...not so bad.

It took us only couple minutes to be on the top of the mountain!

View From The Top Of The Mountain

We have much time until dusk…

First, we went to the restaurant called Genova which is located in the same floor of the observation deck! You can enjoy wonderful food while seeing Hakodate’s beautiful view.

Please refer here to see the article about Genova. You will love how romantic it was!

This is how the view looks like in day time. I wished the weater was kind...but it was one of those days… I wonder how the view will be later on tonight!

This is how it looks like if it was sunny!

What a wonderful view!!

It was around 15:30, getting dark… Ohhh I wish I could see the sunset from here...

When it is sunny, you will see the beautiful sunset like this...

This is how it looks after 16:00. I’m getting excited…!

Waited for a little more, and finally...this is the famous three star rated view from Mount Hakodate!!

Enjoy The Breathtaking View!

We left the restaurant and walked to the deck in the outside after dark.

The deck was almost empty when we arrived, but there were piles of people on the observation deck when we came here…!! We needed to wait to even take pictures from the good spot… I regretted a bit that we could come to the deck earlier before it gets crowded like this…

The Christmassy lights were up on the deck!

We waited, waited, and waited…to get on the tram back to the bottom of the mountain! The tram which goes to the top after dark is worth than going down though… I heared the waiting time could be an hour or so. Waiting in an hour for the tram in such cold weather in Hakodate!?!? I would be frozen, seriously!

The view from the tram was also wonderful...

We are back!

The hills around the tram station was fantastically lit up after dark…

What do you think of it? The view from Mount Hakodate has been famous for long time, but it is getting more and more popular now. I think going to the top before dusk is smarter idea than going after dark.

Please enjoy the three star rated brilliant view from Mount Hakodate while you are in the city!

⇒If you are interested in the restaurant Genova, please refer the article.

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