Enjoy Wonderful View And Food At The Same Time...Restaurant Genova On Top Of Mt. Hakodate

The view from Mt. Hakodate is one of the three major night views of Japan. The restaurant genova is located on top of the mountain, so you can enjoy the million dollar view and wonderful food at the same time!

Hello friends! I am going to introduce the restaurant which has breathtaking view. I bet you will love the view and their food!

As I mentioned in the article of Michelin Three Star Rated Night View From Mount Hakodate, Hokkaido, there is a restaurant you can eat on the same floor of the observation deck on Mount Hakodate. Waiting in such a pretty restaurant until dusk...isn’t it luxurious?

Restaurant Genova here we come!

Inside Of The Restaurant

Most tables are located by the windows. You won’t miss the million dollar view from here!

Wow...this is much prettier than I expected!

We visited the restaurant during their lunch time and it was very calm and quiet. We were escorted to the wonderful seats… I mean, the view from our table was wonderful!

Let Me Show You What We Had!

Of course we toast first…

My friend doesn’t drink, so she ordered a glass of apple juice. Me? I did whisky with soda. The whisky I chose was Taketsuru, the Hokkaido’s pride!

Their lunch hours were about to end, so we ordered quick.

The first plate was butter sauteed scallops! It sure is good!!

This is called Jaga-Butter which is one of Hakodate’s signature local food. It is baked potatoes with melted butter and/or cheese, and salted squid guts goes on top. This is wonderful combination all together!!

The picture below is Japanese fused spaghetti with salted cod roe and Gagome kelp (very glutinous seaweed which is often collected in Hakodate and surrounded areas).

Crab meat and sea urchin bake with white sauce.

Deep fried scallops came with it...these were rediculously good...I personally liked more than the bake.

Grilled squid with cheese and mayonnaise! Hakodate is very famous for squid.

The whole squid is in cheesy sauce...Mmm!

Did we order too much…? We are having big lunch (well, we might skip dinner...hahaha) for sure!

Drinks & Dessert

Even though their lunch hours are over, you still can order drinks and dessert. Genova becomes a cafe until their dinner time starts.

I found this beer called Ryuhyo Draft (Ryuhyo means ice drift in Japanese, which you can see in winter in the sea of Okhotsk by the northern coast of Hokkaido). Look how it looks like...it is blue!!

It was good, but I prefer having bitter taste in beer… I didn’t fell like I was having beer.

I went back to whisky with soda after the beer.

These are what we had as dessert!

This is cheese souffle called Melcheese from Hakodate’s popular patisserie Petite Merveille. It is oh so fluffy and has rich cheese flavour…!

And here is Bavarian cream shaped Hokkaido’s land! Isn’t it pretty?? The fruit sauce which came with it was great, too.

While we were in the restaurant, it was getting dark and started to show Hakodate’s famous million dollar night view! What a wonderful scenery…!!

We left before the restaurant gets busy...

It was SO romantic♡ I’d love to come back on my date night!

The restaurant Genova is not a Michelin Star restaurant, but it has wondeful food AND breathtaking view!! Try there with your loved ones sometime ;)

If you are interested more about Mount Hakodate and the famous night view from there, please see this article!

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!