Luxury Sushi Experience At Sushi Yoshioka In Sapporo, Hokkaido

This article is about my gorgeous Sushi experience at Sushi Yoshioka in Sapporo, Hokkaido. The restaurant offers fantastic quality Sushi at reasonable cosst!

Hello guys, it’s y_a_j_i!

I normally introduce good restaurants and/or bars in Tokyo, but I found a really, really, and really good Sushi restaurant in Sapporo during my recent trip to Hokkaido…. Gotta share my wonderful Sushi experience with you, friends!

Why Do I Recommend Local City For Sushi?

Many of you are looking forward to eat fresh and quality Sushi while you are in Japan, right? Sushi is available in a variety of grades in Japan, but it will cost 20,000-30,000 yen per person if you lookg for luxury Sushi in Tokyo. I know what you’ll say...expensive! Luxury Sushi costs lot more than average graded ones, but of course it is better quality and well prepared. We’d love you to have wonderful Sushi experience...!

So, let me tell you one thing… There are some local cities such as Hokkaido and Hokuriku region (located in the middle of the main land Japan and is facing the sea of Japan) are famous for fresh seafood, and you can eat fresh and quality Sushi at reasonable price in these cities/regions.

Sushi Yoshioka is in Sapporo City, Hokkaido. Let me introduce the hidden gem in the city!

About Sushi Yoshioka

The restaurant is located in Sapporo’s famous downtown called Susukino.

Susukino has a lot of great restaurants and bars, but each one is mostly tiny. It may be hard to find the restaurant...

Sushi Yoshioka is one of these small places…feel like I became a TV game character looking for treasure while I was looking for the restaurant...but look, I found the sign!

The entrance looks nice! I can tell it is going to be awesome experience…!

Enjoy Small Dishes Before Sushi

This is how it looks like inside of the restaurant. 5 seats at the counter and a few tables.

A place mat is made of Japanese traditional paper and has coloured leaves pattern. You may see other patterns depending on which season you visit the restaurant (I visited in November).

As Otoshi (a small appetizer to every guest which is a customary kind of cover charge), I had octopus Sashimi and Kamaboko (boiled fish cake). Both were very firm and delicious!

Sake and Sushi are best friends! The restaurant has many kinds of Sake! I ordered Kokushi Musou which has brewed in Hokkaido. It was very dry and sharp!

Well, I could order Sushi now, but there are so many attractive side dish options…! I ordered milt in citrus flavoured soy sauce which is very popular dish with alcoholic beverages. Cod is in season now (winter), so the milt I had was SO sweet and smooth...

This is sauteed Shiitake mushroom with butter. OMG...I feel this wonderful combination of mushroom and butter in my mouth...

I didn’t take pictures (sorry!), but I also ordered Bakurai (salted ascidians, also known as sea squirts), and pickels, and these are about 800-1,000 yen each.

Finally...Sushi Time!

I recommend you to leave decisions which Sushi you get to the Sushi chef in this restaurant unless you have favourite ones. Leave it pros, they know better than anybody else, right?

The first plate had these 4 Sushis… from far left, it was Striped Jack, Whitefin Trevally (also known as horse trevally), Tuna, and Crab.

Both of these white meat fish were very thick and firm! They were different from any other Sushi Ihave ever had before! Tuna and Crab had also very rich taste...

Their Sushi rice is fluffy and tender, so I think I can eat a lot more~!

Then, let’s have an another plate! From far left, seared Ocean Perch (also known as Rockfish), Sweet Jumbo Shrimp, Seaweed Wrapped Sweet Jumbo Shrimp Tomalley!

All these were wonderful, especially Sweet Jumbo Shrimp! I mean, it is not common Sushi in other places even in Tokyo, so I enjoyed much! Incredibly sweet and firm texture made me OH-SO happy!

The last plate had sea urchin and salmon roe! Both are VERY popular Sushi.

Most restaurants serve sea urchin wrapped by seaweed to hold it on top of rice, but the sea urchin here doesn’t need the wrap aroun it because it is truly fresh and firm! This sea urchin is seasoned by Wasabi and salt, so dipping in to soy sauce is not necessary. I said it is firm, but once I put it in my mouth, it melted immediately…!

And salmon roe was seasoned with just right amount of salt and soy sauce, it was beautifully prepared…!

Okay, I’m getting full...let’s have some Miso soup and call it a night! The Miso soup has simply seaweed in it.

So, we were 3 people and spent about 20,000 yen in it was about 7,000 yen per person. Such a luxury Sushi at such a reasonable cost! I seriously couldn’t believe it. I visited Sushi Yoshioka by my brother’s recommebdation (he lives in Sapporo), and I know I will come back when I visit Sapporo again! Everything I had was heavenly good!!

If you are looking for some luxury Sushi at reasonable cost, Sushi Yoshioka is where you should go while you are in Sapporo, Hokkaido!

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!