The Seven Eleven in Shinjuku is amazing! Tax refund and correspondence to international cards

We introduce Seven Eleven in Shinjuku as the most optimized place for foreign tourists. Not only do they have a tax refund service, but also have a cash dispenser that corresponds to international money cards, so knowing its location might come in handy.

Seven Eleven is the convenient store you’ll find everywhere in Tokyo!

But here is something special about the Seibu Shinjyuku store... surprisingly, it’s a tax-free store!

Seven Eleven is the convenient store you’ll find everywhere in Tokyo!

The store on Shokuan Street (toori), there is a sign says TAXFREE so it’s easy to find.

Just near by the entrance is a tax free counter.

You need to take a special basket with the logo on it, then shop.
The information is written in Chinese, Korean and Thai.

The first row of the shelf is filled with “Sekkisui whitening face wash cream” which is popular among Taiwanese.


Seems this store have more products than usual stores.

A lot of Tobaccos.

International credit cards are available at ATM too.

There is a useful free area map in Chinese.

There is a place you can eat also with chairs and tables.

You can purchase Disneyland tickets too!
There are Chinese and Taiwanese staffs working in the store so it’s quite helpful.

Why don’t you drop in?

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Written by Rika Nakazawa

Born and currently living in Tokyo. I work as a marketer in an foreign information technology company. I love good coffee and bread. Ask me anything about cafes with outlets and wifi.