Subway x Anime!? Unique Collaboration Between City Subway And High School Anime Girls

You may know by now that Japan is the center of Anime culture in the world. Today, I will introduce you Kyoto’s city subway released their latest campaign which collaborates with three cute Anime girls. The campaign encourages people to take the subway in Kyoto!

Hello friends! I’m KOKORO MOYOU who lives in Kyoto and introduces the latest information from the city.

Let me show you the Kyoto City Subway’s latest ads. It is very unusual but it is very Japanese...

The campaign is called Chikatetsu Ni Noru! (means “take the subway!” in Japanese).

This campaign is for encouraging more people to take the subway in Kyoto.

Let’s See What’s So Unique

The three high school Anime girls take the subway to visit Kyoto’s popular sites. I’ve seen the ads in so many places in the city!

For example, the poster above is that the girls visit Nijojo Castle.

As you know, Japan loves to make everything in Anime and the culture is accepted in our society very much. This campaign is one of the good examples of how we accept Anime culture.

From the reference of Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau website, these three Anime girls are Moe Uzumasa and her friends Saki Katsuga and Misa Ono.

The Three sophomore girls take the subway to go to high school.

This is Misa Ono. The bureau made not only posters but Anime and TV commercials as well. It is a big campaign!

What They Collaborate With?

This is collaboration with Kyoto City Zoo. Looks like the girls visit there. You can see all three girls in the poster.

The poster below is collaborated with Kyoto Gakuen University.

This is collaborated with Kyo-Naka Gozan. Kyo-Naka Gozan is a name of the project which small IT companies in Kyoto gathered up and they help both locals and tourists to travel around the city smoothly by their database.

This poster below says “you can use IC cards on the bus!” If you visit Tokyo, you may have Suica or PASMO, but in Kansai, ICOCA is more popular.

The City Bus started to accept payment by IC cards just like trains and subways since 24 December 2014.

(This is not about Chikatetsu Ni Noru! campaign but the same girls are on the poster so I showed you on here.)

I see these girls everywhere in the stations, EVERYWHERE! That makes me smile, though. The locals in Kyoto seem like they like these three Anime girls.

Believe it or not, some people in Osaka say they want Anime characters in there, too!

This campaign is very Japanese, don’t you agree? Find Chikatetsu Ni Noru! girls in Kyoto!

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