Let's eat old fashioned spaghetti in Kyoto! Caldo's Egg and Mentaiko spaghetti

This article is about a spaghetti restaurant in Kyoto city named Caldo. The Japanese style pasta using Mentaiko (seasoned cod roe) and eggs were very good. This article also explains Japanese style pasta too.

This is KOKORO MOYOU reporting about Kyoto.

Today, I will introduce a casual restaurant, suitable for tourists like you, instead of a tourist site.

Do you know what a Japanese style pasta is like?

Ramen is a very popular Japanese noodle dish, but did you know that Japanese style pasta is also becoming popular? We Japanese love good food, and we tend to give foreign food a Japanese twist. Japanese style pasta is one of them. We use soy sauce and broth, making it a unique pasta you've never tasted before.

Pasta that is recently popular among foreign tourists is one using a seasoned cod roe (Mentaiko). Many people are fond by its rich taste.

Here's the Mentaiko.

So today, I would like to introduce a spaghetti restaurant in Kyoto where you can eat Mentaiko pasta.

Spaghetti restaurant "Caldo"

Caldo is in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto. I visited and took pictures on November 1st, 2015.

The outside looks very old-fashioned.

Here's their menu.

Mentaiko spaghetti, sea urchin spaghetti, mushroom spaghetti, bacon spaghetti, egg spaghetti...

You can choose your favorite topping out of things like shiso leaves, radish sprouts and squid. They didn't seem to have an English menu.

I had the egg spaghetti with Mentaiko topping (980 yen + tax).

They first give you an empty plate.

After a few minutes, here they came.

Fluffy eggs are on top of the spaghetti mixed with Mentaiko. It has a very mild taste.

The spaghetti has just the right firmness, and the eggs and spaghetti are excellently intertwined. You can't really tell from the photo, but the Mentaiko gives the taste just the right saltiness.

This is delicious! I think I'll become addicted to this!

I am definitely coming here again. I wanna try the other spaghettis too.

They have so many variations, so it might be good to share a couple of plates as a group.

How was the article?

You can eat Mentaiko pasta in a lot of places in Japan, but ones with soft eggs aren't seen everywhere, and it was amazingly good.

<! If you want to know more about Japanese style pasta, please check my other article: >

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