Review: The Hottest Beauty Item! Be Funny With The Facial Treatment Mask

Oedo Art Mask Pure Smile is the hottest (and funny) beauty item in Japan! Let me introduce this unique facial treatment mask! It can be fun souvenir!!

These unique looking facial treatment mask is called Oedo Art Mask Pure Smile which you can find in the drugstores and/or souvenir shops in Japan.

Animal printed, Geisha, and Japanese princess in Edo era...many kinds of masks are available.

I wondered how it is as a facial treatment decided to try on my girls’ night!

1) Be A Geisha! “Beni Dayu”

This mask is named Beni Dayu which has Geisha make-up on it.

The mask was thin but it contains treatment serum richly.

This is when I spread the mask… S...s...scary…?

Cover my face with this Geisha mask! The mask was a bit big for me...

OMG! Do I look like a Geisha or what!? hahahahaha!

This facial treatment mask makes my face rounder, doesn’t it??

Put the mask on for 15-20 minutes… Sure, I took pictures of me with this funny mask!

2) Be A Princess! “Hoppe Hime”

Next! It is named Hoppe Hime (Hoppe means cheeks and Hime means a princess in Japanese). Let’s see why it is named like that...

Ohh… I am not sure I am ready for this… It must be funny!

Ta-Da! Don’t I look ridiculous?? I remembered a Japanese comedian who put heavy make up like this… I don’t think anyone wants to marry me now…! Ughhh It is embarrassing…(but I know it is funny)!

Oedo Art Mask Pure Smile as the facial treatment mask is very good! I wondered if it would be dried up in 15-20 minutes, but the mask kept moisture whole time I had it on and it made my skin shiny and smooth...

This facial treatment mask makes everyone happy! I mean, your skin gets prettier, friends and family smile when they see you while you are having it, right? Of course it can be wonderful and unique souvenir for your loved ones (it is about 300 yen each...sweet, right?). I can’t wait to see people put pictures on instagram, Facebook, or any other SNS and share this fun!

Again, this is easy to find at drugstores and/or souvenir shops. This mask adds some fun on your beaty time!

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!