Can’t Keep It A Secret…! Found A Great Wine Bar In Hakodate

I found a hidden gem during my trip to Hakodate! You can enjoy Hakodate’s fresh seafood, veggies, and so on with wonderful wine at this french style wine bar. Let me share my wonderful experience with you… This is too good to keep it a secret!

Hi everyone, I’m Yaji who delivers mostly bar information from Tokyo.

I was on my trip to see my friend in Hakodate, Hokkaido.

Whenever I am on vacay, I am always craving for the wonderful local food and drinks. I was super excited visiting Hakodate… The city is known for fresh food!

My friend was born and grown up in Hakodate, and she took me to the hidden gem wine bar!

Comme Chez Vous, Here I Come!

The wine bar is called Comme Chez Vous, and is located between Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse and the Hakodate Ropeway Station (which takes you to the top of Mt. Hakodate). It takes about 5 minutes from each.

We stayed at Hakodate Kokusai Hotel which is located just in front of Hakodate Station, so we walked from the hotel, walk through Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse to the bar in blizzard…! Well, I got a cold and ran a high fever in the next day...haha

It was around 18:00, so we saw a little bit of Christmas Fantasy festival at Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse (I visited the festival in the next day, so please refer here to see the highlights of the event!)

Hakodate is very touristy in general, but the wine bar Comme Chez Vous is in the very quiet neighborhood. It doesn’t even look like a restaurant.

Take the stairs...and here we are!

The name of the bar Comme Chez Vous means “like home” in English. They want you to get comfortable and enjoy their food and drinks in the bar just like you being at home. The bar opened in winter of 2011 and it only has 8 seats available. It is tiny but it has warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Wine With The Sampler...Such A Joy!

You may know by now from my previous articles, but I LOVE wine… I ordered a bottle, not a glass…

This wine is from Gran Sasso, Italy (3,000 yen). It was very refreshing...definitely worth to have a bottle!

A lot of people order a la carte but we ordered the sampler. It was about 3,000 yen and we enjoyed many kinds of dish in small amout.

This is the first thing we had.

Slices of baguette with liver and pork pate. It was very rich taste and had just right amount of salt...just wonderful...

Pickled herring and white fish carpaccio in far. Oh my gosh they both were lovely! The herring was in the season so it was very fatty and juicy...

This is three different food in a plate. Oh these go wonderful with my wine…!

The grilled Japanese dwarf squid was firm and was great match with garlic. Mmm my wine and the squid became BFF!

The next to the squid was the pan fried mushroom in the butter. I couldn’t believe the staff told us that this mushroom was smaller than usual...mostly the mushroom is twice as big! I fell in love with this thick, fluffy, and richly butter-flavoured mushroom...

In far right, it was breaded welk Burgundy style. It was baked so very crispy and savory…!! I love seafood in general… Hokkaido is the right place to eat these super fresh shellfish as well...absolutely LOVE it!

The next dish was the toasts with homemade anchovy and gruyere cheese on top!

These brown-ish coloured ones are their homemade anchovy...not too salty but very flavourful. Wonderful with wine! The gruyere cheese adds beautiful accent on the toast!

This is vegetable and bean stew. It was steaming hot and hearty. Makes your body warm...

The last dish was the buttered mussel and cod stew. I knew it would be wonderful with my white wine even before I had it in my mouth… I mean, I saw white wine and mussels are great friends in many restaurants in Europe. was gooooood...

And we had some coffee before leaving...

The sampler, the bottled wine, and two cups of was about 10,000 yen for two of us. It wasn’t cheap, but when I think of the quality food they offer, it was definitely worth the price!

I understand many tourists go to Izakayas where offers simply fresh seafood just becuase it is Hakodate, where people visit for the seafood….but you will get tired of them if you keep eating it.

This wine bar Comme Chez Vous offers you a bit luxury french food made from fresh local ingredients, which is fantastic and gives you very special moment.

When you visit Hakodate and want to have something fancy and special...Comme Chez Vous in Houraicho, Hakodate is the place to go! This wine bar makes your night unforgettable!

It was an amazing night with a good friend, and tasty food and wine at Comme Chez Vous!

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!