Going To Kyushu From Osaka? Why Not To Try Hankyu Ferry! ~Room & Restaurant~

This blog is about our trip from Izumiotsu Port in Osaka to Shin-Moji Port in Fukuoka, Kyushu by a ferry called IZUMI. I introduce our room and a restaurant we went in the ferry here.

Did you see the article about boading on IZUMI and its facilities? I will show you a bit more about IZUMI, especially the room we stayed and the restaurant we ate in the ferry.

It Is Just Like A Hotel Room...

We had reserved a private room, but there is an another option that you share a large room with other people. That is way cheaper than having a private room.

I treated myself and my family well on this trip...I mean, our room called Deluxe Wayo-shitsu (Japanese and western style) was just wonderful!

Put my card key and opened the door...here we come!

I was amazed its cleanliness and how much space it has…

Can you tell it is a room in a ferry? It is just like a hotel room!

Our room had 2 single sized beds and another 2 extra folding beds.

There are many outlets in the room, so we could charge our phones, tablets, cameras, etc at once.

It was probably more comfortable than staying some cheap hotels on the ground.

I didn’t feel sick whole time on IZUMI. Had a good night sleep in such a comfortable room :)

The picture below is Izumiotsu Port when we left the Port.

We enjoyed the view from the windows in our room.

A flat screen TV was equipped, and its connection was very good.

There were a hot pot, toothbrushes, disposable slippers are also equipped.

Only thing I was disappointed a little was that there was no large bathtowels.

You can change room temparature to make yourself comfortable.

See? I told you, it is just like hotel! I would call it a moving hotel!

A bathroom was not equipped in our room, but there were shared bathrooms, shower rooms, and large public baths are available. They were maintained very well!

I and my family were so satisfied about our room!

Dinner At The Restaurant In The Ferry

We felt hungry after boading… We walked in the restaurant in IZUMI.

It was a little more expensive than the other restaurants on the ground, but food they offer looked great. Look how many menus are available!

Even though we went there off-peak time, we still needed to wait a little bit...but it didn’t bother us at all!

Take a tray and put what you want to eat… Oh, I wanted to try them all!

Look what I found...seared chicken Sashimi!

Wow...I am impressed! I was like, “whaaat? I am on the ferry, am I?”

So, here’s what we had for dinner:

A glass of beer (570 yen), chicken Nanban (fryed chicken with vinegar and tartare sauce-550 yen), fries (250 yen), seared chicken Sashimi (550 yen), and Oden (meat, fish, eggs, and vegetable stew-440 yen)!

Look at my tray…! We enjoyed every single dish and beer!

Chicken Nanban was good, but fries were very popular to my children.

Oden was okay. It is just personal preference, but I’d like it better if it had more flavour.

Seared chicken Sashimi helped me to enjoy beer!

It was chewy and had savory flavour! Mmm...

We added some dishes:

Deep fryed minced pork cutlet (150 yen), potato croquette (150 yen), deep fryed whale (150 yen), Udon noodle (670 yen), squid in a sour Miso (450 yen), salad (250 yen), two bowls of rice (160 yen each), and some oysters (I don’t remember how much it was…).

There’s no additional cost to refill rice...that’s great, right?

Deep fryed ones made us very full! Deep fryed whale was very rare, but hmm, I didn’t see very much difference from the other kinds of meat.

Squid in a sour Miso was great! I enjoyed tender squid so much!

Udon noodle was authentic!

Mmm...we enjoyed dinner at the restaurant so much!

It cost 4,500 yen for all of us. Not bad at all! The restaurant was very clean and great atmosphere.

It was my first time to eat on the ferry. Enjoyed much!

Don’t Forget Pie-Chou (Cream Puff)!

Pie-Chou is a specialty sweets in IZUMI!

You would hear some advertizement of Pie-Chou on the radio in IZUMI.

It is available at the kiosk in IZUMI.

There were regular whipped cream ones and Matcha (green tea) flavoured cream ones (Matcha was a limited edition).

We bought four. Each costs 150 yen.

Below is regular whipped cream one.

The puff has so much cream in it.

I enjoyed so much of savory flavour of the puff (they make it in the ferry-really fresh!), but I prefer cream puff filled with custard...

Same as Matcha one…

I loved pastry and flavour of Matcha, but again, I personally prefer custard in a puff.

I didn’t expect we could have freashly baked cream puffs in the ferry!

Gochisou Sama Deshita (thank you for the food)

If you plan going to Kyushu from Osaka, think about taking a ferry instead of taking airplane or Shinkansen! I bet you would enjoy the experience! If you are interested, see here, I introduced about fee and facilities inside of IZUMI more!

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Written by 若おっさん(Waka Ossan)

I'm living in Osaka and be willing to introduce a lot gourmet information of various places in Kansai area(Osaka, Kyoto, Wakayama, Shiga...), especially attractive for middle-aged man!