Are you looking for a cafe in Shibuya? 5 Highly Recommended Cafes <Part 1:With Special Coffee>

We introduce 3 recommended cafes with good coffee in the Shibuya area in this article.

If you're a coffee lover, you would definitely want to drink tasty coffee during your trip.

Japan is famous for green tea and maccha, but we have great coffee too.

In this article, I Rika, will talk about three amazing cafes that specializes in great quality coffee.

Mamehico Koen Dori

Cafe Mamehico is a very famous cafe, known to almost every coffee/cafe lover. Currently there are two in Shibuya and one in Sangenjyaya, but the place with the most convenient location is the Mamehico in Koendori.

It doesn't seem like it's in the middle of Shibuya, very quiet and stylish.

Rays of sun come in from the large windows, antique shelves and seats are lined up, and it has a very comfortable atmosphere. They even have outlets and wi-fi, so it's suitable for spending long hours here.

You need to order at least one drink per person. They have drink menus from deep roasted blends to café au lait, but the iced coffee named Aiko Reiko has a rich flavor and delicious.

The picture above is Aiko and pancakes. So fluffy and tasty.

Many drinks are over 800 yen and pretty expensive. The prices of food and dessert change depending on the time of the day, but they are overall expensive. The picture below is a seasonal menu, baked apple. They are very particular about the way they serve too.

This is a drink called Marshmalloccino (Floating Marshmallow Frappuccino)

Although it’s expensive, they have an amazing atmosphere. I am wishing that Mamehico will always be an oasis in Shibuya.

Fuglen Tokyo

It’s a 20 minute walk from Shibuya near Yoyogi Park to get to Fuglen Tokyo.

Oslo in Norway has one of the world’s best coffee, and FUGLEN is a coffee bar that came to Tokyo from Oslo.

The inside has a stylish Northern Europe taste, and is very comfortable and attractive.

A kind staff who is just like what you would imagine as a barista, will teach you lots of knowledge about coffee.

After hearing their recommendations, I chose AeroPress. It is clear, mellow and smells a bit like apples. So luxurious and delicious!

Fuglen is popular among foreigners along with local people, and their great taste of coffee is guarenteed.

If you’re here to take a walk aroung Yoyogi Park, you should definitely stop by.

About Life Coffee Brewers

Lastly, it’s not a cafe but a coffee stand that is up on the Dogenzaka. It is easy to find this stylish coffee stand in the middle of the messy roads of Shibuya.

The friendly staff can speak English, and they explain neatly what they recommend. You can drink coffee that are made from AMAMERIA and ONIBUS coffee beans.

They have great rich taste. You’ll know that they have studied a lot to make this coffee.

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Written by Rika Nakazawa

Born and currently living in Tokyo. I work as a marketer in an foreign information technology company. I love good coffee and bread. Ask me anything about cafes with outlets and wifi.