5 Recommended cafes in Shibuya where you can stay for long hours and use free wi-fi <Cafes for working and studying>

We introduce 5 recommended cafes in Shibuya with free wi-fi in this article.

Hi, this is Rika. Today, I will introduce cafes that I recommend in Shibuya where they offer free wi-fi.

Japan may seem like an Internet-advanced country, but people living in Japan makes contracts for using the LTE line when buying smartphones, so there aren't that many free wi-fi spots in the city.

The amount of foreign people who come to Japan has recently increased, and wi-fi spots have also increased along with that but it is still difficult for us to find a cafe where you can work with just your computer.

So in this article, I will introduce 5 comfortable cafes where you can use free wi-fi and stay for long hours. I chose these five according to how convenient they are to use wi-fi, so keep in mind that the menus and prices aren't the main theme here...!:)

Glorious chain cafe

The first cafe is the Glorious Chain Cafe that is inside DIESEL, which is right in front of Exit 13 in Shibuya station. It has a very fashionable atmosphere inside and out, with it being inside DIESEL maybe. The staff who work there are all good-looking too.

The coffee there is called Long Black. Maybe it was inspired by Australian cafes? They also had flat whites too.

The coffee that was served...was a little too bitter for me that I couldn't drink the whole thing.

I probably should have ordered a latte or something instead. Lack of research!

They had lots of alcohol drink menus, so you can drink a bit while working too.

Coffee Valley

Next is MOJA in the HOUSE, which is between Omotesando and Shibuya.

The interior and menus are all very American and junky, and they offer wi-fi as well. The seats are all comfortable chairs, so you can relax here for a little break.

Their specialty here is waffle chicken. Fried chicken is on top of the waffles, and you pour maple syrup to eat them...very junky and American...

The taste is...the crispy fried chicken itself is delicious to begin with, even without the waffles. The waffles are sweet and chewy by itself. And when you pour the maple syrup...the sweetness and saltiness becomes a good mixture.

Make sure you don't put too much maple syrup on, it'll get too sweet. You will be full if you eat the whole thing, so it might be better for lunch instead of an afternoon break. It might feel heavy inside your stomach for a while...!

Shibuya City Lounge

This is a cafe on the second floor of Loft in Shibuya. I heard that it was a great place to work at, so I decided to take a look.

The counter seats beside the window have outlets, and the wi-fi password is written on the menu, so it's unnecessary to ask the staff.

They have a high ceiling and sunlight comes in from the wide windows. The relaxing atmosphere is almost like a hotel lobby. They have many seats, and smoking and nonsmoking seats are divided in the middle, so both smokers and nonsmokers will be satisfied!

You can kill time by reading magazines and books they have there too (although they're all in Japanese).

It's a nice, comforting cafe.

Suzu Cafe Gems Shibuya

Next is Suzu Cafe, which is inside the GEMS building (has restaurants on every floor), near the New South Exit of Shibuya station.

There aren't that many tourist sites around the New West Exit so you might not be familiar with it, but it is the closest exit to ride the NEX (Narita Express), so the cafe may come in handy to spend time at before going to the airport.

Suzu cafe is famous for many fashionable people coming there, and the same cafe is in other locations as well, but this one near the New South Exit is the most vacant one.

You can of course use wi-fi, and they have outlets in some seats, so it's a great place to charge your phones too.

Cheesecake and cinnamon coffee.

At night, they serve wine and appetizers, and they also have many cocktail menus, so many girl groups are there to drink.

Mud Coffee

Mud Coffee is a New York style cafe near the West Exit of Shibuya station. The original cafe is in New York, and this is the first place opened in Tokyo. They have many foreign customers so you might forget that you're in Japan.

You can see the Yamanote Line running right in front of the cafe. You can smoke in seats on the wooden porch, and rays of sunlight shines on the cafe. Very relaxing!

Their specialty, MUD COFFEE comes in a huge mug, black and plentiful. There is chocolate sauce in the bottom of the coffee, as they call it MUD coffee. Their coffee itself is very rich in taste and awakening.

Their cheesecake and coffee set is only 700 yen and very reasonable!

They not only have wi-fi but they also have outlets as well.

How was the article? They all have free wi-fi and are very comfortable. Please check them out if you're looking for cafes like this!

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Written by Rika Nakazawa

Born and currently living in Tokyo. I work as a marketer in an foreign information technology company. I love good coffee and bread. Ask me anything about cafes with outlets and wifi.