Delicious And Yet Reasonable Lunch At Salad Shop Sancho In Kyoto

Salad Shop Sancho is in Nakagyo-Ku, Kyoto. This restaurant gets good reputations on thier organic food. Let me share my great experience at Sancho!

Hi friends! I’m Kyoto native KOKORO MOYOU.

There are many kinds of tasty food in Kyoto, but they often get expensive, right? Today, I will introduce you delicious and yet reasonable lunch in Kyoto!

Location And Access

The restaurant is called Salad Shop Sancho Kawaramachi Honten.

It is located in Nakagyo-Ku, and is just behind of Shijo Kawaramachi Station. It is also close to Pontocho (it is Hanamachi in Kyoto and is known for Geisha and thier houses and traditional teahouse etc).

I visited there on 6 October 2015.

What Is Salad Shop Sancho?

The best known menu in the restaurant has been salad. They strictly keep using organic and/or additive-free ingredients since they started their business in 1972.

Their signature salad is called green salad that has 6 kinds of vegetables and has fresh homemade dressing on top. This salad comes with set menus.

Look how cute the restaurant is!

What To Order? I Did TeriKoro Lunch Set

They have variety of menus. Salad, meat, croquette… I was like a kid in a candy store!

I chose TeriKoro Lunch (1,050 yen). TeriKoro is named after Teriyaki steak and cream crab croquette (in Japanese, we call it Korokke).

Of course salad comes with it, and bread (you can choose from rice of bread).

Bread was still warm...yummy!

This is their signature salad! It is heavenly good!!

Fresh vegetables and delicious dressing are the best friends on the plate...indeed!

Here is a cream crab croquette. Creamy croquette melted in my mouth...

Teriyaki steak here I come! OH MY GOD…

Super tender meat and Teriyaki sauce are wonderful together!!

I can’t believe it was only 1,050 yen… It is definitely worth it!! I’d love to come back again!

If you are looking for a restaurant in Kyoto for lunch, please remember Salad Shop Sancho!

Your appetite for meat and vegetables are both satisfied in this restaurant for sure!

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