Maccha x Sweets? Try Some At Tsukigase Gion Ichimura

Tsukigase Gion Ichimura is a well-established Japanese traditional sweets shop in Kyoto. Let me introduce you their wonderful sweets called Maccha Cream Mitsumame.

Maccha Sweets…?

Maccha is one of the famous things in Japan, especially Kyoto. Many tourists from home and abroad come to Kyoto for it. However, its bitter taste is like-it-or-hate-it kind… Even if you are not a fan of Maccha, you may like sweets which has Maccha in it!

Maccha sweets could be ice cream, latte, whipped cream, etc… Today I will introduce you Maccha Cream Mitsumame.

Mitsumame has boiled red split peas, diced agar, rice flour dumplings, and fruits and drizzeled syrup on top. It is Japanese traditinal sweets.

I am pretty sure nothing like Mitsumame is in anywhere else in the world.

Tsukigase Gion Ichimura Is Where To Go For The Traditional Sweets!

Kanmidokoro Tsukigase Gion Ichimura is in the south of Gion-cho, Higashiyama-Ku, Kyoto. This sweets shop has started thier business in 1926. It was moved from Kawaramachi in 2012.

I visited on 9 October 2015.

Once you enter the small entrance, you may see the spacious area inside.

Here is thier menu card. Pictures help, right?

Maccha cream Mitsumame is 950 yen.


Look how beautiful its presentation is!

It has Maccha ice cream, banana, mandarin, pineapple, etc… Little white squares are rice flour dumplings.

There are diced agar and brown sugar syrup in the bottom.

It was cold (well, of has ice cream!) and not too sweet…

Mmm...beautiful presentation rises in appetite for sure!

There are also Maccha parfait and other mouth drooling sweets available. I would like to try them!

If you are walking around in Gion area, this is a great shop to stop by and have some rest with Japanese traditional sweets. Or, they have a branch in Kyoto Takashimaya, so you can go there as well.

Enjoy Japanese traditional sweets in Tsukigase Gion Ichimura :)

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