Local Hamburger Shop Lucky Pierrot In Hakodate, Hokkaido

This article introduces Hakodate’s local hamburger shop Lucky Pierrot. This shop is much loved by local people for long time.

Do you know the most popular local hamburger shop in Hakodate, Hokkaido?

There are hamburger chain like McDonald’s, Burger King, Mos Burger, and Lotteria in Japan, but Hakodate’s most popular hamburger chain is Lucky Pierrot!

Hakodate’s Most Loved Hamburger Chain Lucky Pierrot

Lucky Pierrot is beyond popular to people in Hakodate, and they remain loyal to do their business within Hakodate. Why don’t they expand their business to the outside of the city? Becuase they are particular about using fresh local ingredients from the farmers in Hakodate, and this motto makes local people to love Lucky Pierrot even more.

As I mentioned, Lucky Pierrot is the hamburger chain in Hakodate. There are 13 shops in the city and I visited the one in Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse which is in bay area.

Each Lucky Pierrot has different interior, but all of them are very fancy! The shop makes you feel being in the circus. It is fun to see different shops and different decoration.

I visited in the holiday season, so it was all Christmasy!

Order at the counter...

Lucky Pierrot has their signature hamburger, but also curry, spaghetti, pizzas, etc…

They choose their menus upon the customers’ requests. Their customer-first policy is very strict! This is another reason why Lucky Pierrot is loved so much by locals.

Their soft served ice cream uses rich milk from the farm in Hokkaido (the prefecture is famous for dairy). Very popular sweets in the shop.

Let’s Find A Seat!

This is how the shop looks like inside. Each booth has enough space for adults keeping their legs relaxed. I saw the school girls chat in there.

I found the booth in red...what’s so special of it…?

The sign says this booth brings you money and success of your business! Want to be rich? Find this booth! hahaha

The shop has a playful touch for sure!

You can be a snowman in this photo booth! (your kids will love it!)

A huge sized hamburger!

Somehow there is a scale to measure your height too… Interesting!

Enjoy Their Fantastic Food!

Yay~ my food has arrived!

The first thing I introduce you is this vanilla shake! Of course they use Hokkaido’s fresh milk. It is OH-SO good! It is 230 yen, but you may be able to get it cheaper when they do a half price campaign (good thing the campaign goes pretty often!).

This is their best selling...Chinese Chicken Burger!

The buns have deep fried sweet and spicy Chinese chicken pieces, lettuce, and mayonnaise. Lucky Pierrot’s president is the third generation overseas Chinese in Japan who invented this Luckey Pierrot’s most famous burger! A Chinese fused burger made with Hakodate’s local ingredients...isn’t it wonderful?

The burger is VERY thick, I couldn’t get the chicken at my first bite...

This tender and well prepared chicken tastes heavenly good!

Their burger and other food are made-to-order! This burger was freshly cooked and meat was fluffy and unbelievablly tender!

This Chinese Chicken Burger is very popular and shown on TV and magazines. This burger won the title of the best regional hamburger in Japan. No wonder it is good!

An another food I ordered was Omurice.

This is very popular Japanese food which is an omelet with filling of ketchup seasoned fried rice.

Lucky Pierrot’s omurice is HUGE! Tasty fried rice is covered by thick omelet and having more ketchup on top… Even though I had a hamburger earlier, my spoon doesn’t stop scooping! lol

I ordered a cheese omurice...melted cheese inside! Mmm...

Let’s eat it!

Yum! My tummy is happy~~♡

Sad thing that I couldn’t eat all of it…

Each meal is large in Lucky Pierrot. I recommend you to cove with friends and/or family and share the food ;)

They offer wonderful food in fun atmosphere! You will find their customer-first policy which welcomes you with full of surprises! Let’s have some food in such a fun and fancy hamburger shop in Hakodate!

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!