Let’s take a look at “Osu Shopping District” in Nagoya: the third largest electric city in Japan!

Here, we are going to introduce “Osu Shopping District” in Nagoya, Aichi prefecture. Along the Osu Kannon Dori (Street) there are street full of flourishing well-patronized shops, café, bar and restaurants.

Nagoya is the third largest vibrant city in Japan. But do you know which part of Nagoya is the most energetic?

The answer is “Osu Shopping District”. There are about 1200 shops gathered around the area and it is always crowded with locals and tourists, no matter what day it is.

What is Osu Shopping District?

Osu Shopping Districts covers the area of 2 ~3 chome Osu Naka-ku Nagoya, from the main entrance of “Osukannon temple” including the four main streets; Wakamiya-oodori Street, Fushimi Street, Osu Street and Minamiotsu Street.

The streets are laid out very simple, so you don’t need a map. It is absolute tourist friendly and easy to stroll around.

“Osukannon Street” is the busiest and popular street runs east to west starting from “Osukannon temple”.

This street leads you to “Bansyouji Street”.

Most of the streets have designed as shopping arcade, so no need to worry about shopping in the rain!

Let’s see what you can get and how to enjoy at Osu Shoping District.

The recycling stores and vintage shops

“KOMEHYO(コメ兵)” is one of the popular recycling shop in Japan. The head office is in Osu and there are branches at Shinjuku and Ginza in Tokyo. You can find a wide range of luxurious watches, camera, bags and music instruments with a reasonable price.

There are a lot of used clothes shops around! It is perfect for those who want to go fashionable but have to deal with a budget.


Not only they have the used clothes stores but there are plenty fashion stores too. Some are well-known popular brands. Here I found the very popular Design Tshirts Store graniph.

SPINNS is very popular brand for young people in Harajuku, Tokyo. The price is reasonable and it has a lot of Kawaii line ups.

There are substantial line ups for Men too!

Puchipura (Petit Price) fashion items

This is the shop you can get a variety of cosmetic items in Puchipura (means petit price… especially used to describe inexpensive fashion items). They are unbelievably cheap!!


Here are the line ups for affordable watches and glasses.

What attracts people the most is the chaotic ambiance of Osu. You can feel the energy of the merchants, and the interesting part is everything gathers from the big brand shops to the private owned small shops.

Electric Appliance

Originally, Osu was established as an electric town same as Akihabara in Tokyo and Nihonbashi in Osaka. Still, there are a lot of electric shops selling electric appliances and computer games. These days, the tourists from abroad are increasing therefore a lot of shops are offering tax free forms.

Seemingly Otaku shops are increasing around the electric shops like Akihabara for some reason… there are cosplay goods stores and collector’s stores around there.

Made in Japan

If you are looking for made in Japan goods, then Osu is the perfect place to shop. You can find some unique stuff there! Something like funny printed socks! They are the prints of food product’s packages.

Don’t you think wearing Wasabi and Maccha package printed socks are cool? LoL

There are a lot of Kimono and Yukata shops too.

This is the sticker shop which has a bunch of collections of originally designed by the Japanese illustrator. All looks good so it was really hard to choose!!

Eat and drink and strolling around

Osu is also great place for getting bits while enjoying your shopping. I found there are a lot of Japanese confectionary shops around there.

Here is the soft ice cream shop with the flavor of Maccha and more varieties. Great for the summer!

Everyone’s favorite Takoyaki!!

How about getting some green tea for your souvenir?

This tea shop sells Maccha ice tea for ¥100. The tastes are absolutely delicious and absorb quickly into your tired body. This is a real Japanese Maccha ice tea! It is perfect to take a break between your shopping.

There are more restaurants where offers Nagoya’s specialties and café/bar which you can enjoy beers from lunchtime. Osukannon Street is the perfect place to find the place to eat.

My impression of Osu was 24/7 festive like and chaotic fun place! I really enjoyed its vibrant energetic town!

I strongly recommend Osu Shopping District, of course as a shopping place and also as a sightseeing spots too. Come and experience interesting western Japanese city in Nagoya, Osu!

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Written by y_a_j_i

This is Yaji that was born in Nagano and living Tokyo now. I love drinking, especially Japanese sake and Japanese tapas. I will introduce many great restaurants and bars all over Tokyo!