Beyond Precious!! Snowy Winter In Kyoto (3) Ninenzaka & Sanneizaka Slopes And Ryozen Honbyo

This is the third article of Snowy Winter In Kyoto Series! Let me show you popular slopes which connects between temples covered by white snow!

Hi friends! I’m KOKORO MOYOU, living in Kyoto and sharing the city’s information.

The third article of the series is about Ninenzaka Slope, Sanneizaka (also known as Sannenzaka) Slope, and Ryozen Honbyo.

They are all in Higashiyama-ku in Kyoto City.

I visited there on 3 January 2015.

Snow Covered Ninenzaka Slope

Ninen means two-years in Japanese and zaka (saka) means slope. This slope is located before Sanneizaka (san means three in Japanese) so people started calling it Ninenzaka. The slope also has a legend of that you will die in two years if you trip on the slope and fall. Are you scared? No worries! It is just a reminder to be careful walking on the stone slope.

This slope is to the famous Kiyomizudera Temple, so it is always busy...ALWAYS! However, it was early morning when I I didn’t see many people. Very rare! Plus, look at this beautiful snow! It makes the scenery even more special.

The Way To Sanneizaka Slope

This street is between Ninenzaka to Sanneizaka.

Quiet...very quiet.

Stop By At Ryozen Honbyo

Ryozen Honbyo is between Ninenzaka and Sanneisaka slopes. This is the mausoleum (graveyard) of Shinran the monk of Buddhist Jodo-Shin Sect. The mausoleum also has the followers’ remains in there.

Calm and quiet atmosphere.

Walking To Sanneizaka Slope

Let’s go back to Sanneizaka Slope.

This slope connects Kiyomizudera Temple to Yasaka Shrine and Kodaiji Temple areas. Sure, there are many souvenir shops and traditional Japanese restaurants on the street. It was still early for tourists to come out, so I enjoyed much on this peaceful and quiet moment.

Just FYI- Sanneizaka Slope is one of the important preservation Districts for Groups of Historic Buildings.

I started walking to Kiyomizudera Temple from the slopes (please refer below).

The beauty in Kyoto is not only in temples and shrines… You will see it in random streets! Just wake up a bit early, you can take a walk in such beautiful, calm, and quiet Kyoto in the morning!

Beyond Precious!! Snowy Winter In Kyoto (1) Yasaka Pagoda & Kamogawa River

Beyond Precious!! Snowy Winter In Kyoto (2) Kiyomizudera Temple In Early Morning

The Snowscape in Kyoto Representing Japan: Snow Covered Kinkakuji

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