Great view of the morning glow! I climbed the World Heritage Fuji Mountain (First Half)

This is an article about how we climbed the World Heritage mountain, the Fuji Mountain. It has two parts, and in the first half, we climbed up to the fifth trough seventh station.

In July, at the peak of summer, we climbed one of the world’s natural treasures, Mt. Fuji.

Mt. Fuji is a very important mountain for Japanese people. From ancient times, people painted a picture of the mountain or they took it as an important symbol to worship. It is between Shizuoka prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture, and it is 3776 meter tall.

This time, we were able to see an amazing sunrise at Mt. Fuji. In Japan, we call a sunrise from beyond the mountains “Goraiko” and are thankful for it.

Today we are going to share how we achieved this amazing experience!

Let’s start with the 5th station!

Feeling a nice breeze, this morning’s temperature is 9 Celsius, a perfect day for “Goraiko.”

We brought our camera and radio for the journey.

On the 26th, at 9:00 am, we started climbing the mountain.

You can go to the 5th Station of Subashiri Entrance by car. There are a few stores, and right behind the stores, you will find stairs. That’s where you actually start climbing.

It was a super sunny day, and the sun was very strong. It was so hot that it felt unsafe.

We immediately entered an area with forest. We climbed the winding road, sweating like crazy.

There are things to see like Rhododendron, other plants, and insects. Sometimes.

This Subashiri Route is said to have more interesting scenery, but it doesn’t have much. Other routes might be even simpler.

When there is a gap in the forest, you can see the top of the mountain very clearly.

Look at the sun! The altitude was still around 2000 meters, so it was really hot.

We were sweating so much, and even if we drank water, it was never enough.

We were worried about getting heatstroke rather than altitude sickness.

** Be careful with the heat! It's a long way from the 5th station to the 7th station

By the 7th Station, we were so exhausted by the extreme heat.

We were so happy we got Umeboshi at a convenience store last night.

Umeboshi is a traditional Japanese pickled plum. It has lots of Citric acid, so it is effective for regaining your energy and replenishing the salt you lost from sweating.

As we ate Umeboshi, we easily finished 1 liter of water in a second.

The forest area seemed like it was coming to an end, and the height of the trees was decreasing.

We could see the top of the mountain right there. However, the people up there looked like sesame seeds, and we knew how far we still had to go.

But when we looked back, we could see over the clouds.

The wind is getting cooler and cooler as well.

** After the 7th Station, the weather cools down

There was a moutain logde that sells ice cream, and it was selling like crazy because of the heat. All of the climbers were still energetic.

The distance between the 5th station and the 7th station was extremely long, so when we came to the 7.5 station, we felt relieved.

When we passed the 7th station, we realized that the wind got colder, and the weather became a little iffy. The clouds were climbing up the mountain just liked we were.

We found a spot like this on our way.

Mt. Fuji has shrines at the start area and at the summit. The mountain itself is like the approach to a big shrine.

We kept climbing silently. We didn’t have much to do, so we were listening to our pocket radio. Of course the reception was excellent.

Continued in Part 2...

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Written by kussy

I have worked in Tokyo for more than ten years. I live in Shanghai from the summer of 2015.