Enjoy Fresh Seafood At Toramaru Suisan In Arochi, Wakayama Prefecture

Toramaru Suisan is a seafood restaurant and is in Wakayama Prefecture’s biggest downtown. I would like to share my great experience there with all of you!

Recently, Wakayama Prefecture has found itself more and more on tourists’ radar. You may know of Kouyasan and Kumanokodo in the prefecture, which are well known and established sites to visit, but did you know that Wakayama Prefecture has a great reputation for its fresh seafood? I have gone to Wakayama on business many times, and each time I visit, I have a hard time deciding on a place to eat...I mean, there are so many good restaurants to choose from!

This time, I went to Arochi, the biggest downtown area in the prefecture with my old friend after I checked into "Apa Hotel". Arochi is only 10 minutes away from the hotel on foot.

Seafood Izakaya Restaurant Toramaru Suisan In Arochi

We walked around the area and decided to eat at Toramaru Suisan.

This local Izakaya has minimal decorations inside and out, which tells you it’s more likely geared towards locals...which is great!

The restaurant purchases stocks of fish from a local port called Hidaka-Kou. It seemed like their customers were all ages.

Here’s their menu card.

They have a variety of food and drinks at low cost!

Draft beer is 300 yen...isn’t it great?

Well, the only sad thing I need to tell you is that they do not have a menu card in English… You can order the most appealing dishes the customers around you are ordering, or refer this article and show the staff the picures from here… ;)

Cheers to our reunion for the first time in a decade! We hadn’t seen each other in years, but we had plenty to talk about! This is called a good friendship, I guess...

We had some boiled firefly-squid with sour miso sauce as an appetizer. Mmm...the sauce had just the right amout of vinegar in it...

Next were three assorted Sashimi plates (880 yen).

I felt the freshness of fish in my mouth...no wonder since it came directly from the port!

This mackerel sashimi was great as well.

Mackerel season is winter in Japan, so it wasn’t fatty (this article was written in summer), but it didn’t have a very fishy smell since it was leaner. Even though it didn’t have much fat, its meat was tender!

Tuna sashimi and a raw egg yolk glazed with a tasty sauce.

This mixture of fresh sashimi and egg was...oh so good!

The picture below is from the Izakaya’s basic menu. It's a dish called Asari No Sakamushi (steamed Asari clam in Sake). I didn’t like it when I was young, but I cannot pass on it now…

I love having the soup after eating the clams, but this soup was a bit too spicy for me so I couldn’t have it…(tears)

The last dish we had here was Saba Zushi (mackerel sushi). Saba Zushi is prepared in a certain way that mackerel is marinated in rice vinegar first and it goes to a wooden mold with rice to give it a square shape. I personally prefer to have less salt, but it was good.

These were not the only things we had (sorry we didn’t take pictures of all), but it was 3,000 yen per person. Not bad...not bad at all!!

It took time for each dish to arrive at our table, though… I asked the staff several times if our order went through… Hopefully they've improved on that.

Anyhow, if you are looking for a local (not touristy) Izakaya restaurant in Wakayama Prefecture, this is a wonderful choice!

Oh, we went to eat Ramen after this restaurant (even though we ate a lot in here..). Can’t believe how large my appetite was! <!-- I have an another review of the Ramen restaurant Misono. Please refer here if you are interested!-->

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Written by 若おっさん(Waka Ossan)

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