Fluffy Pancake At CLINTON ST. BAKING COMPANY In Omotesando, Tokyo

New York born cafe called CLINTON ST. BAKING COMPANY is in Omotesando, Tokyo. This aticle introduces my fancy experience at the cafe.

Hi friends, I’m Nekko! I was browsing around in Omotesando, Tokyo with my friend and found the cafe called CLINTON ST. BAKING COMPANY the other day. Let me tell you about their fantastic pancake!

Harajuku/Omotesando area in Shibuya Ward is one of the hottest areas in Tokyo which has the cutting edge entertainment and such gathered up, especially for fashion and sweets, Omotesando has been always the hottest area.


CLINTON ST. BAKING COMPANY is located about 6 minutes walking distance from Exit B1 in Subway Omotesando Station.

This vivid red gets your attention, right? As I mentioned above, this cafe has been found in New York. Very stylish looking cafe.

Trend conscious people talk about this cafe on SNS a lot lately.

Waiting time could be 30 mintues to an hour in the weekends, but we visited there around 1 pm in a weekday, so it was only about 10 minutes to wait for being seated. So, I recommend you to visite there in the weekdays to avoid the crowd.

This is how it looks inside. It was in the middle of December, so interior was very Christmassy.

Tables are available in both the first and the second floors. It was actually more spacious than I thought. We were escorted to the second floor.

Girls, girls, and more girls!

This cafe’s famous fluffy pancakes attract the girls for sure!

Enjoy Variety Of Pancakes

We agreed to try some pancakes they have on the menu. The first pancakes we tried were Potato Pancakes (1,800 yen). It is not popular pancakes, but my gourmet friend recommends this particular one.

This is made of shredded potatoes and flour. It was very good. I liked the texture of the pancakes very much.

This smoked salmon slices on top and creamcheese added the rich flavour in it as well.

This combination cannot go wrong! It was beyond my expectation… Wonderfully delicious!

After having salty pancakes….it is time for something sweet♡ This picture below is their signature pancakes with maple butter (1,600 yen). Huge and fluffy pancakes are piled up like a tower! I saw a girl right next to us couldn’t finish it...

The most popular pancake menu in this cafe is with blueberry jam on top, but we chose this one. Slices of banana and walnuts attracted us badly…! hahaha

Pour the maple butter which comes with the pancakes and eat!

Mmm….the flavourful maple butter makes this pancakes OH SO delicious!!

It is not cheap and I am worried about how much calories I get...but this is wonderful sweets for you once in a while, right (blink blink!)? Having gorgeous pancakes and some coffee makes me feel so special like being a celebrity in New York… ;)

If you like pancakes, this is where to go for it!

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Written by Nekko

I recently got married and I’m currently living in Tokyo. I will write about cheap shopping, and tips about fashion and lifestyle.