Believe In A Jinx? Grab The Heart In Eizan Electric Train

I’ve heard a rumor about the heart shaped strap in Eizan Electric Train lately. If you believe in a jinx for love and happiness, this article is perfect for you!

Hi guys! I’m KOKORO MOYOU who lives in Kyoto and share the latest information in the city!

Today, I’ll share some jinx that adds a little fun in your Kyoto visit.

Eizan Electric Railways Co. operates the trains between Kyoto Station to Rakuhoku area which has Kurama and Kifune Shirines, Hieizan, etc.

Have you heard of their heart shaped strap in the train? I saw it on 16 April 2015!

The strap is only one in their rolling stock! Their carts are 22 and there are 1,028 straps in total, but this heart shaped strap is ONLY one! Plus, the strap is moving in every couple of days, so this is very rare to find!

The jinx is that you will find happiness when you see the strap.

Most Japanese are not so much into the religions and not into supernatural things, but people love believing in silly little jinx!

The strap says “grab the heart to grab happiness.” Don’t be shy guys, grab it when you find it!

Some people say “oh, I found my Mr. Right after I grabbed the strap!” and such… Many people seek the strap since the jinx’s gone around.

When you take Eizan Electric Train, try finding this unique hanging strap to grab your own happiness♪

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